The bureaucrat and the bull

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One day a fella knocked at an old farmer's door... and when the farmer opened the door, before he could even say hello, that man showed him a laminated card and said, "I am a government official here to inspect your farm. I can go anywhere and inspect anything and you can't stop me." The farmer answered, "Well, go 'head on." and slammed the door in his face. About 30 minutes later, the farmer hears the man screaming, "Help! Help". H e looks out and sees his bull chasing that fella around the pasture. So, he ambles out there to watch the show. the man yells, "In the name of the United States Government, I order you to HELP me!" The farmer answered, "Just show him that little card you got there that tells all your authority!"

(old Justin Wilson story)


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    ROFLOL what a hoot! 😀

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    I recall that (the great) Lewis Grizzard (go Dawgs!) told one about a family in South Georgia. Well, the great uncle passed away in his 90s. He was bent over... had a hunch. The morticians at the funeral home kind of strapped him down so he's lie in the coffin. Well, back then, folks always had a "settin' up", where folks would sit up with their dead through the night (in case they weren't quite all the way dead...). Well, this little boy was settin' up with his father and uncle. Around 11pm, his uncle said, "Y'all can set up the rest of the night, I've got to got to bed!". So, they sat there a few hours longer. Then, his father said, "Son, you'll have to set up the rest of the night, I have to sleep!" So, that little boy sat there a couple more hours. A big thunderstorm came up and the lightening was flashing. Suddenly,, those straps let go and his dead great uncle sat straight up in the coffin!!!! THat little boy said, "Uncle Ned, you'll have to set up alone... I'm going to bed!"