Happy National Hot Chocolate Day!

blevinandwomba Posts: 813 ✭✭✭✭

So it's a little late, but it is National Hot Chocolate Day. Did you all remember to celebrate properly? I did have a cup this evening. I usually make it with a base of almond milk or almond/coconut mix, and add some decaf coffee- maybe 2-3 parts milk to 1 part coffee. It doesn't really taste like mocha; it just deepens the flavor. I also usually put in some unflavored gelatin- about a tablespoon per cup. I like to use Equal exchange cocoa powder; its a dutch process cocoa and I love how mellow it is- I use 1-2 tbs. per cup. As for sweetening, when I was on keto I added cocoa butter or more cocoa cream and used no sweetening, as there are no sugar substitutes that I like(stevia, erythitol, etc.) Now I usually use coconut sugar or maple syrup, but lately I have been adding some milk chocolate I have leftover from my Christmas baking. I have some Green & Blacks toffee milk chocolate, which, to my taste, is a little too sweet to eat out of hand, but a little bit is just right in cocoa. If I add chocolate I don't use coconut milk, as the chocolate makes it rich enough.

By the way, the gelatin is the "secret" ingredient. It gives such a rich mouth feel.