Fruit ferments anyone?

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I need fruit ferment recipes or ideas, please. I love my vegetables fermented and would love to try some fruit ferments too, anyone want to share their favorites with me?


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    @Lexie Are you wanting to do an alcoholic ferment? If so, I can share with you a simple recipe for doing an apple mead. Also technically, cucumbers and tomatoes are fruit, so any ferment with them would be a fruit ferment.

    Apple Mead

    1 gallon Spring Water

    local Raw Honey

    several pounds of ripe; local; organic, biodynamic, certified naturally grown, or other apples

    Dissolve honey in Spring Water in a crock. Add apples and stir, stir, stir. Cover with a kitchen towel and stir, stir, stir. Over time the essence of the apples will become one with the honey water that will turn into alcohol.

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    I’m happy for alcoholic and nonalcoholic recipes too. Thanks! Do you have any idea of time needed, months or years? Do the yeasts not require some sugar to feed on? My kombucha can’t do its job effectively without some sugar for the yeasts to eat. If I’m using honey in the final ferment I always use a tiny bit of sugar to ensure lots of carbonization in the end product.