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I am researching Astragalus (Chinese milkvetch). I would like to know if any of the wild varieties in Canada are similar in action to Huang qi. It is for a poultry health formula. If I could use something local & wildcraft it, that would be preferable over buying it from an herbalist shop when dealing with 50 or so chickens.

I found this:

I am still looking for more information.



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    @Laurie I have done quite a bit of research, trying to find answers to that very question. So far with no results. There are over 2000 species but very little research has been done on medicinal properties of any of them. Some are reported as toxic but not sure which species. There are a number of species that can be found in my area so I would also like to know if anyone else has made any discoveries regarding the medicinal properties of other Astragalus species.

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    @torey I did find native american uses of it and other North American vetches and how they were prepared, but still not quite what I am searching for.

    Hopefully we find someone with more knowledge.

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    @Laurie I have no experience with it. But since you were able to find some Indigenous uses of it, I wanted to share this Web site, North American Ethnobotany Database, with you:

    Hopefully since it includes the Latin name as well, it can help you with your search.

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    Thank you. I am always interested in the First Nations herbal knowledge.