Sharing the eulogy I wrote for my mother. It kinda fits this group

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I wonder how I would have refined it given enough time and sleep.

The following was written as a eulogy for my mother, Lorraine Eleanor Lombardi. She left this life on January 29, 2020

Trees (written by Sheila Renee Lombardi Lanzel)

My mother wanted me to be a good person

So she taught me to love trees

“Look at the branches”

“These are pretty leaves”

“I like the bark on that one”

“Animals are nice too”

“Look carefully”

“Try to understand”

“Cherish each one”

“Be kind”


Family trees are complex and growing

Sometimes a branch breaks

Sometimes branches cross, not good

Storms tangle branches

Gentle breezes can free them

Think of the rest of the forest


Tree stages and seasons

Seed, seedling, adult, elder

Reach for the sun

Root deep against winds

Shelter and feed others

Branches will bend in hard times

And lift up when good times return

All life stages have value

Enjoy them all



Rooted in the earth

Final home of us all