I got my first seed catalog today!

Linda Bittle
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The beautiful Botanical Interests catalog was in my PO Box today. The illustrations are just lovely, and now I think I want to plant vegetables that I don't even like- eggplant, for example. LOL.

And the flowers! Oh my. I have hours of looking ahead of me.

The thing is, I am probably moving by the end of the school year. Perhaps to Mountain Home, Idaho, or back to southern Missouri. My friends (and landlords) are willing to help get me moved. I just need to decide if I'm moving where they go, or back home where my family lives. Either way, I will likely not stay where I am since I cannot find a job that suits me better than the school custodian job that is so hard on my body.

When I was a kid, the Sears Christmas catalog was the one I looked forward to. Now it's the seed catalog that I want to make my wish list from.