Knowing our history is crucial to every American, if we want to keep what we have.

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A brand new class will be available starting tomorrow.


  • Heidi
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    Thanks for posting. I am going to take this. It really irks me that the schools are not teaching so much of our history, and have "candy coated" what they do teach. It is just wrong!

  • Linda Bittle
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    You can sign up for their monthly newsletter, too. By email or get the paper copy in your mailbox - for free.

  • gennywu
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    History has become such a complicated subject to teach - there are so many political voices that want to influence what is in a textbook. I welcome the opportunity to learn history from a new source and a different perspective. Thanks for the tip.

  • Jannajo
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    Hard to get history these days, the 'society' does much to destroy any truth, it is so serious by now - no constitution anymore, there is an 'emergency military gov't ruling, the courts r not what we had in early days, they r military, Rome is everywhere, the fasci appearing, and the military flag (in congress, and the courts). Lawyers know, all of congress also. Caesar Rome is in US now, Reagan brought them in, after Lincoln (their work, see John Surratt in their employ), there was NO contact with the state of Caesar, the vatican. Perhpas online it is possible to speak truth, but Hoover has said: 'none dare speak their name above a whisper.'