Mother Earth poems

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What is your poem to Mother Earth?

Cultural reset. Praise to our Mother Earth. She feels our synergy, our radiant presence. We listen to her speak as the leaves move when wind blows, as snow and rain fall gently pressing onto the soil. The sun shines on bleak days. The air is filled with moving currents as are the waters. Love to Mother Earth, our protector. Happy Valentines Day Mother Earth


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    @teachercaryn Be careful what you wish for! I wrote this today because of you. I am posting this before embarrassment gets the best of me.

    Mother Earth

    Mother Earth, what can I say?

    I bask in your beauty every day.

    I don’t always look,

    I don’t always smell,

    But sharing your world with you

    Helps keep me well.


    You can provide shelter

    And then take it away.

    You provide food

    For me when I’m good.

    I need to find love, all on my own

    Because it is different, how it is grown.


    I love your soil and your mountains,

    Your rivers and seas,

    I love your plants and animals,

    A favorite is your trees.

    Some bugs and people are not on my list

    They behave rather badly, not as I’d wish.


    I will rejoice in your beauty,

    Your sun and your storms,

    I’ll admire the genius of all of these forms.

    I’ll try to remember to stop each day

    And smell the roses along my way.


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    @shllnzl that was brilliant. The trees are your favorite as I like to call them Earth’s hairs.

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    Beautiful poem. To be connected to mother Earth raises our energy!