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Mom's Across America Video - Is 5G Coming to Your Town — The Grow Network Community
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Mom's Across America Video - Is 5G Coming to Your Town

Good information to know. I don't want one of those 5G small signal cell towers outside my house.

Yes, the video is on Facebook but even if you don't have Facebook you can watch the video. I tried it on a browser that I wasn't logging into Facebook on. When the popup to login or create an account comes up just click on not now so you can play the video.


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    City governments have had the industry conferring with them for years and the public hasn't been aware this has been taking place while rolling these out quietly. The first installed were approved in 2016 ! Furthermore some cities have changed their codes to permit installation of these without having to notify their residents.

    In our city, any citizen approaching the City Council is told the Infrastructure is here to stay, there's NO opting out, so all that people can do is MOVE. Here at http://www.antennasearch.com/ in a 2-mile radius you can check what soup you are in.

    in our city, last year they installed 25 towers = Towers are tall structures (typically over 200 ft) used for cellular, Paging and other radio services. Towers can contain multiple antennas owned by various companies. And

    93 Antennas = Antennas are the actual signal emitters for cellular, paging and other radio services. Antennas can be placed on towers or be stand alone and placed on top of offices, condos, churches, light poles, signs, etc. Stand alone Antennas are small and difficult to spot as they are easily hidden/camouflaged.

    The reason for bolding the cellular is because the public 'demanded' more CELL-phone coverage. When you keep using your wifi, cellphones, remotes, etc. they spray in the sky for a reason - to bounce off the lasers so that you can do all the above. So there you have it ---------------------------------------->

    Elon is putting up 4,000 5G satellites with the intent to "bathe" the entire earth in 5G. So far, he has launched 240 of them. Sending them up via Spacex 60 at a time.

    They found that the millimeter waves could travel more than 10km, even with low power and trees and other obstacles impeding their line of sight. Find out more at momsacrossamerica.org & 5Gcrisis.com & EHTrust.org

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    @kbmbillups1 @rainbow Thank you both for sharing. I get the newsletter from Lloyd Burrell. His Web site is https://www.electricsense.com.

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    A new video. You don't have to be on Facebook to watch it

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