Am I the only person on earth who doesn't like the smell of lavender???

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Seriously, I feel so alone in this! I know how wonderful lavender is, and for this reason I do have lavender herb and essential oil, but I just don't like it. We use it for one of my daughters to help with her migraines, but it gives one of my sons headaches.

Please tell me I am not the only one!


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    Yes, as far as I know, you are the only person in the world who doesn't like lavender. Real Lavender is so wonderful. What brand of essential oil do you use? It could be the brand. Since they aren't regulated anything can go in some oils and you'ld never know. Patchouli gives me Migraines no matter what form it takes. I can smell it in any perfume or cologne and I will begin sneezing and getting a sore throat. I didn't get to date but one hippie girl all my life and that was because she didn't wear anything. Hipster Girls, forget about it. They all had Naunchapa or some incense called something similar. Skull and Cross Bones. Lavender and Rosemary are my favorite herb scents. I love the taste of both also. Of course Lemon Grass, Lemon Balm and Mints of various varieties all are loved as well. I like to smell like them also.

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    My daughter doesn't like the smell of lavender either. I have it growing in my garden and have made a tincture of it as well as lavender oil. She doesn't like the smell of any of them. I love it.

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    I don't like it either, never have. I recognize its value as an herb and I keep it around for others, but I don't like it. I have raised it thinking I would like the fresh--nope. I think it must be like cilantro and arugula. I raise them for the family, but I can't stand them, even a wiff makes me gag. I read a study that said it is a genetic thing.

  • My daughter doesn't care for the scent much either @tammyrichardsmt9 . I know of others who dislike it. I also know of one person who used it so much she became sensitized to it and can no longer take even the smallest hint of it without becoming ill. @T. Michael Smith the source is certainly a factor. But also is the fact that each year the lavender produced will yield some differences. This is due to the growing conditions - rainfall, temperatures, etc., which is referred to as "terroir" (a French word). So MANY things can vary lol!

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    @tammyrichardsmt9 You are definitely not the only one in the world! My daughter can't stand anything with any lavender in it. I have at least two clients who develop severe headaches from a whiff of lavender. Essential oils are very personal (maybe due to their potency). What works for some may aggravate for others. When I started out making salves I put lavender in one of them, partly as a preservative and partly for its medicinal properties but quickly learned that it does not extend the shelf life of a salve by that much. And the salve works just as well without it. So I no longer use it so as not to offend anyone who can't cope with it.

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    My daughter-in-law didn't like the small of lavender, but it was the artificial fragrances that she didn't like. She is coming around on the smell of real lavender and it's beneficial uses.

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    I love it!

    Instead of smelling the EO, grow your own in the garden and you will love it too!

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    So far, what I gave encountered I don't like, but I think that the plant is so pretty and the thought is lovely.

    Maybe I will find just the right one some day so that I can say that I love it too.

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    I think I too must plant this lavender and enjoy it better than already in the EO!

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    @tammyrichardsmt9 I know what you mean... I have had essential oil brands that don’t smell good and other grands that do... there is a pungent hint in lavender that I think I could understand how some may dislike it... I love lavender especially fresh, I have English and butterfly bushes in my yard...

    with that being said... you don’t have to like it... it is what it is... if there is a benefit you are trying to receive... find a comparable plant or like I do with my white willow bark tincture ... just suck it up 🤮 anyway... I don’t eat meat and try to stay as close to vegan as possible and I absolutely hate all bell peppers... red, green, yellow, orange, tie dye, unicorn I hate the smell/taste and all of it!!! Seems if you don’t eat meat you must like bell peppers ugh! No! Anyway so I understand... a plant lover not loving lavender and a vegetarian not loving peppers....

    aaaand on another note... one scent I LOVE is cannabis!! It still has such a stigma on it.. but I use it in pain salves, and tinctures and chocolates for sleep... I always feel weird as the scent fills my house... like I’m doing something I shouldn’t but I LOVE the smell.. I realized yesterday when prepping some for oil infusion that I wonder how much more I would have loved this plant if no bad stigma was ever assigned it?🤔 living in California there’s no restriction anymore so hopefully more ppl can benefit from it!

  • @lmrebert you are right about that scent in lavender...some are very camphoraceous or herbaceous. Again it can go back to growing conditions, when in the life cycle of the plant it is harvested, etc. Unfortunately this oil is more prone to being adulterated by the less scrupulous manufacturers.

    I eat vegan but do not like bell peppers either unless they are in their red, mature state. Now hot peppers and I...we be pals!

    I am woefully ignorant of cannabis, I'm in Texas where it's still "dope" and illegal lol. I keep hoping...I would really like to try it for my fibro. But since I moved I have a goofy doctor who tested me for illegal drugs a couple of years ago without my consent. Not that it mattered because I don't use anything lol. Apparently using a lot of herbs makes me suspect? Pfftt.....

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    Nope, I can't stand it! Also, it may lower testosterone... and I don't want that!

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    I like it. I use it in my bath water.

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    @seeker.nancy yay !!! a fellow bell pepper hater 🤣 and yes I love all things hot pepper!! Esp for fire cider!! It is unfortunate in the great sulfate of Texas that they’re behind on the wonderful cannabis plant. I’ve wised I could leave this state and move to a Texas, I’ve even looked up properties because we’re taxed to death and losing medical freedom etc.. my vote doesn’t count here... but I’m like... can’t grow cannabis... oh well

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    I've known people who don't enjoy the smell, and one who was terribly allergic to lavender.

    I think scent can be so personal. We all should enjoy what we enjoy and avoid what we don't care for without feeling the need to explain or apologize.

    I adore the scent of lilac and of honeysuckle because it reminds me of sitting in Granny's back yard drinking Dr. Pepper every afternoon.

    But, I've never been able to enjoy a beer because it smells like my mother's second (and third) husband.

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    My experience is that if the lavender oil is pure (no additives, no chemicals, and truly lavender, not lavendin (which is similar, but not lavender), that even if you don't like it, if you put it in your pocket and just carry it around, after awhile you will be able to handle it. I have done this with many essential oils that people tell me that they either can't stand the smell of, or are allergic to. After having them in their pocket anywhere from a couple of hours to only 20 minutes, it makes a difference and they are amazed that they actually can handle the smell. I have also learned over the years, that if you can't stand the smell of an essential oil, it means it has something that you need.

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    @tammyrichardsmt9 nope you not alone I'm allergic to it so when i get a whif of it i get an instant migraine

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    I don't love the smell of lavender products, but I do like the smell of fresh lavender. Agree with @Laurie -- it's also just a really pretty plant that grows easily here. Win/win for me.

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    I love that you posed this question! I do NOT like the smell! I used to love it years ago but now I don't and I was just thinking a couple days ago that maybe my sense of smell has changed with age or maybe with so much pollutants in the air that it changed the way lavender smells. I still use products with it but I'm no longer a fan.


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    Horses for courses I guess. I do not like patchouli, reminds me of a yucky medicine and my ex!

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    hahaha did someone add in arugula as well? hahaha I love the scent that reminds me of italian cuisine and salads. it isnt flowery but oh the flavour!!! the first time i experienced arugual/rocket in a slad I was in heaven. In BC I made an arugla pets that was wonderful with sockeye salmon!!!

    As for cilantro - I seem to be one of those who just cant smell it very much but love the flavour. Lavender to me is just sort of boring. No like or dislike

  • Nope you are not alone. I love it but a few members of my family complain about the smell of it.

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    I was very surprised one day when someone walked by me with Lavender lotion on and my throat almost closed up and I almost lost the ability to breathe. I have never had that reaction before and I am usually not around other people that much. I have a lot of allergies to medications, herbs, food, and other items. I am unable to use any essential oils because of my allergies.

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    I have tried to grow lavender in two states - it just won't grow for me. I'm sure I am doing something wrong. But since I really don't like it, I just quit trying. The essential oil I have is a high quality one, and I have the dried herb. I have smelled the fresh plant at the nursery where my son works. Nope, just don't like it. But I do use it for it's wonderful properties.

    I am glad I am not the only one who doesn't like it. And I am glad for those who do!

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    @tammyrichardsmt9 Hi, you are not the only one who doesn't like lavender (though I do). Years ago I had an herbalist friend who was allergic to it! So you can be allergic to it, or just not have a preference for it. We are all different, and also our sense of smell varies from person to person. Just as I have to explain over and over that I do not like chocolate chip cookies, you will have to explain you don't like lavender. But don't apologize! We all are who we are.

    Growing lavender can be a bit tricky. You cannot grow it in the warmer zones of this continent. Also, what many people don't realize, is that lavender likes a slightly alkaline soil. Depending on where you live, or your individual garden, the soil may be too acidic. I have met a number of people who have struggled with this here in Massachusetts. A lot of times, testing the soil and amending it to the right pH can make a huge difference.

    Since you don't like lavender, give that garden space to plants you love!

  • Iris Weaver
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    @Dianne Petersen Hi, you could very well be allergic to lavender. I had a friend who was.

    If that scent that gave you that awful reaction was synthetic, that could also do it, because so many of the chemicals used in synthetic fragrances can cause nasty reactions. I wish you well on your journey through this smelly world!

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    If I wish to have a severe headache, turn on the lavender diffuser.

    Or just open the bottle - there it is again. At first I did not attribute the headaches to the lavender but eventually the light bulb went off in my head. Now I just know, that is one (of several oils) I just can not tolerate. Even if I have a blend and there is lavender in the blend, I get those severe headaches.

    Eventually I just assumed for some reason I must be sensitive to that smell. So yes, you do have company out here.

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    I love lavender but am aware of those who don't. I believe it may have something to do with one's hormanal balance. Also, if a scent truly repels you, it is a strong sign of an allergic response that is best to pay attention to. For myself, the scent of any kind of beer gags me. For years I believed it was due to psychological pairing of negative experiences. However, as a Gardener, I grew beautiful a beautiful wall of hops to create a garden room. It grew fast and was beautiful. When I touched the plant, as in pruning, every area of my body that was not completely covered broke out in a painful rash. Only then did I discover my allergy. Honor yourself and listen to your body. The sense of smell is very revealing.