Aztec Hot Chocolate

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  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    That sounds tasty, but I would want to replace the semi-sweet chocolate chips. Adding wax (which is in the choc. chips) just sounds odd.

  • bcabrobin
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    Thanks for the reminder of this hot choco we haven't made it this year!

    I use the bar chocolate to replace choco chips. I cut or the grandkids love to crate it.

  • silvertipgrizz
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    I use cocoa powder, sometimes the dark and sometimes the old standby regular cocoa powder.

    Sometimes I use part of a peppermint stick at time of pour into my cup so it is melted and incorporated by first sip.

    Sometimes I use chipotle pepper powder.

    Most of the time I use a little of both.

    If any of you ladies have not seen the movie "Chocolate" I think you might really enjoy it. It has many layers to it. Among those layers are gobs of scenes of women making chocolate items, humor, love, etc.....

    A womans movie but my grandsons and granddaughter all really like it too.

    Juliet Binoche is the lead actress in the movie.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @silvertipgrizz That is what I would use as well. I might possibly use a dark chocolate bar with very few ingredients. I can get cacao beans too. That would be wax-less. Of course then I might need to add a touch of sweetener then too. ;)

    I can handle pretty dark hot chocolate. Certain ones of my kids have complained when I do this. It is just my preference. 😂

  • Merin Porter
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    I honestly enjoy really dark hot cocoa without any sweetener added ... if it's made with really good cocoa powder. My kids do not approve. :D

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    Thanks to your comments I have had a possible epiphany:

    I'm going to use my dark cocoa, a few squares of my dark chocolate bar and only the small piece of peppermint for sweetener and see if I can cut back on the table sugar, realizing it is no better than the sugar in the peppermint, but to eliminate all table sugar would be the accomplishment of a life time, unless I cheat again lol....

    Oh and can't forget the chipotle 😋

  • SuperC
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    Yum, however, I use raw cocoa powder and hot water on the stovetop. No sweeteners added.

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    @teachercaryn Where/what brand raw cocoa powder do you use? And now that you mention it, I'm going to also try going back to water instead of milk. How do you get past the biter due to no sweetener? Is it the brand of cocoa you use?

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