CBD Tincture question

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I live in a state where pot is legal. I have been making tinctures using vodka and the trim, buds, etc. Provided by a friend. It is based on the information found from searching Rick Simpson oil. So material is soaked for a week or so in vodka, then strained and the infused vodka is the simmered over very low heat in a double boiler to reduce and to evaporate off the alcohol. The last batch I made, was sealed in an amber bottle. I finished off what I had and then opened this bottle tonight. There are thick, white growths on it. It has the appearance of some kind of mushroom.

Have never had this happen before. Anyone have any ideas?


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    @vickeym This is a new way of making tinctures for me. Never heard of simmering off the alcohol before. But if the alcohol is simmered off, there is nothing to act as a preservative. Perhaps there was some mould on the cannabis you got from your friend. But the alcohol should have destroyed it. So that doesn't make much sense. Whenever I have made a cannabis tincture, I have always used a higher proof alcohol than regular vodka. But even still, the vodka should have rendered any mould on the product inactive. The tincture I have made is quite effective. Drop doses are all that is required.

    Do you have an objection to consuming alcohol? If so, maybe an oil preparation would be better.