I found this information on Lyme and other tick borne diseases

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I was doing research for a friend, looking for information about Japanese Knotweed, and found this information.


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    @Mary Linda Bittle Thank you. This is very informative.

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    We have ticks here big time that carry Lymes. Two years ago I got bit 5 times before spring arrived. (we had a mild winter) You do not expect them out that early.

    My ducks and chickens do get to run loose a bit and they have helped control them here to a degree but Lymes disease is not something I want. And even though its known to be around here our doctors either do not treat it until its too late or they treat it wrong, which makes it worse.

    Japanese knotweed is a miracle worker! I start taking it in February and take it til Nov or December. I make my own now. Its a great anti inflammatory so its good for a lot. I also gave it to my dogs. They say they can get Lymes too.

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    Thanks for sharing this information. There is a tendency with so-called "Lyme Literate Doctors" to treat Lyme with dangerous antibiotics such as fluoroquinolones - this herbal approach is a great alternative!

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    @stephanie447 In our area, where they should know better due to our high lymes disease, they give you ten days of antibiotics before they even test you. The antibiotic hide its and make it go deeper into your body causing more damage. If you did have it ten days is not long enough on antibiotics to kill it.

    Then if you have been treated before they test and have any issues you have to wait 6 weeks to be tested to get real results. By then you are toast. I have two friends and one neighbor that that happended to. My neighbor was talking to another doctor who told him he was treated wrong and he sent him to another town. He has permanent damage now.

    Knot weeds has been used overseas for years to treat many ailments. As many times as I have been bit I am blessed not to have it but knotweed is always in the house. Knotweed is also invasive here s picking it is easy.