Essential Oils for Pain Relief

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I fell on black ice several years back and sprained my right wrist pretty badly. (My chiropractor checked it out, and it was not broken.) I never went to the doctor, and treated it with comfrey soaks and packs, and an amazing ointment with Solomon's seal that I cannot get any longer- my favorite herbalist went out of business.🙁

It healed ugly, but pretty well. I don't have full range of motion but seldom have trouble with it. However, today I was digging the last of the frozen snow pile that was keeping me from getting the car out of the parking spot off the street, and I jammed it pretty good. It's achy, but essentially undamaged.

I have applied a pain relief oil that a coworker has made that includes these essential oils in a carrier oil (no idea what percentages). Lemon, Panaway, Lemongrass, Copbia, and Frankincense. It smells really good, and is already helping.

I got some ginger essential oil because KP Khalsa says it's good for wrists, so I'm gonna dig out my fractionated coconut oil and make a 2% mix and use that, too.

Oh, yes, I did get the car out and park it where I can use it! It's been plugged in to a magic thingy that keeps the battery charged since it started to snow in early December.


  • So sorry to hear that it is worse again. Hope it gets better quickly as we kinda need our wrists lol. I make a blend with Peppermint, Plai, Sweet Marjoram and Turmeric but not sure if the Plai can be sourced anymore. I have not tried to find it since I still have some but it is great for pain. I have some data on it somewhere on my computer, I can look for it if you are interested. I find that blend to be helpful on joints, esp. those that are a continuing issue such as a poorly healed joint like I had lol.

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    @seeker.nancy It looks like Plia is closely related to ginger, which I have. Looks like I can order it from a few sources. Thanks for the info!

    I found a partial jar of the ointment that was so helpful last time around, so I'm using that. Was very happy to find it!

    Also, I did decide to go to the local clinic today, so that I could get a note in order to be able to take 4 of the 16 sick days I have at work. I was offered, and refused x-rays and drugs. Yeah, it looks ugly, but the original injury healed ugly, and I got out with what I wanted - 4 days off to rest it - and without more intervention that I did not want. So, I count it as a win. I napped on the couch all afternoon. So I think by Monday, I can go back to work. Although I'm going to spend this week looking for other jobs, too.

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    This is a mixture of essential oils that I find effective for joint and muscle pain. White camphor, cinnamon bark, and clove. Dilute with a carrier oil until you know how much your skin can tolerate. I hope this helps.

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    I'm happy to report that my wrist and thumb are healing well. I got a note from our local clinic to take a week off work to rest it, and that has been key to getting better quickly. I'm going back on Monday, with the brace on, just to protect the thumb from being jammed again.

    The ginger essential oil, diluted to 2%, was effective for me. I need to purchase a few roller bottles to make up a diluted oil to have on hand. I really like this dilution chart from the Plant Therapy site. I like their oils, too. There's lots of good safety info on the website.

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    I like Texas cedarwood and frankincense essential oils for pain.

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    @Mary Linda Bittle That is a great chart. Glad to know of another source for essential oils, thank you!

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    Peppermint, Raven and Lavender work well also. They are really good at helping with swelling