Amalgam free at last

On my journey to become a healthier version of me, I have learned that having old fashion amalgam fillings was not good. So I set about finding a holistic dentist who would listen, act and advise. I can now announce that I am amalgam free, yippee.


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    My husband's friend did this. Doctors told him that they could not help his mystery ailment & that he would be dead within a short time (maybe a couple weeks). He had all of them removed and was restored to better health afterward. He is still around years later and still doing well.

    If I had mine removed, we would certainly need more money. That procedure is not cheap here. As well, I would lose teeth, as one dentist I went to while still a child, was there to make money. Sadly, I have hardly any molars that would be able to be saved.

    I am also concerned about the BPA filings that a more recent dentist replaced some others with.

    But, @jodienancarrow I am very happy for you! 🙌

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    @jodienancarrow Did your dentist give your chlorophyll to take afterwards? Mine did. Helps remove any toxicity from the procedure from your body.

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    No torey he didnt and I've not heard of that but he did use a dental dam for every amalgam removed.

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    @jodienancarrow I am very happy for you!

    But like @Laurie, - I too have no further $$$$ to remove the other 4. The first four removals, they Crowned ! me instead, & each tooth cost $900 for which there was No insurance.

    Making matters worse at 23, a no less drunk dentist pulled a really-healthy molar, which I was then informed in another state would need a BRIDGE on top of the healthy molars on each side. On top of it, my 4 wisdom teeth never developed, because as every dentist has told me "You do Not have a big mouth (wink), in fact it is so small I can barely get any tools in there". so all told I only have 23 teeth now.

    The Good news is that everyone in our family leaves this world with all their own teeth; iow No dentures.

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    I have had amalgam fillings in the past, they don't stay in. Every single one has popped out taking a chunk of tooth with it. I lost two molars to those fillings, every time one would pop out it would be replaced with yet another amalgam filling errr! Finally I had two damaged teeth pulled and another one capped. Now they only use resin, I am not sure about eventual toxicity but at least they don't pop out. I had the last two drilled out and replaced this last summer, I can't say I feel better but I can say I am glad to have the awful things out of my mouth.

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    That is good to remove the mercury feelings bu it needs to be done by someone who is careful to remove the mercury so that you don’t get contaminated. To avoid bridges there is something called biodentine which permits to save teeth.

  • I need to look into this for my teeth.

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    I read about this some time ago. The heavy metals that can leach into and compromise your health, especially your immune system. It didn't happen overnight, all up took about 18 months, juggling my private health insurance. Plus I also needed some crowns. All up 5 amalgams gone. Interestingly only ever had fillings when I was a child, think my folks got ripped off!

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    I get sick everytime they work on my teeth. I will be checking into this!

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    @bcabrobin You might consider that you are allergic to the anesthesia that you are given. Or it might be the metals used. I have been allergic to the anesthesia used for years. The dentist knows to not give me just anything and 2/3 of a child's dose works great!