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Generally I eat Intuitively, iow subconscious suggests just what would feed a person best.

However in the USA, too many (from continuous medical complications) have Lost their innate ability to know & follow 'Intuitive eating', & with dire consequences of increasing pains, loss of immunity, thus disease, & disability. So do you have oxidation, glycation?, chronic inflammation?, & mitochondrial dysfunction? which is aging. - Were you to say I don't care; or No, I do not, how do you know ?

As per TGN you grow some more food...., yet diabetes, & heart disease, & metabolic syndrome, & biological aging continue rising astronomically, & unnecessarily.

Do you know that you (with blood tests like A1C, hsCRP, etc) can build back "nutrition Intuition" & become healthy.

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    Eating Intuitively isn't something that most people think about, let alone talk about, so it's a much needed topic of conversation. Thanks for raising it!

    I do tend to eat intuitively. I eat a LOT from my garden so I am eating a LOT of apples right now and have spent the summer eating what has been plenteous during our extreme temperatures and drought. But there are times I have a craving. I find that sometimes I need to pause a little while and discern what it's really about.

    Sometimes I can have a craving late at night for somethings sweet but know it's a horrible time to do something like that...though sweet for me is a dried fig. At times I find what I truly feel like is some protein like tuna or am actually thirsty.

    Much like having lost our intuition on hunger, I have found that years of pushing past the natural craving to drink something meant I have to go back and take more notice of that need so as to not be chronically dehydrated. While that may seem odd to some, I was so busy working outside the home and some work places I had such strict limitations I automatically limited my fluid intake to accommodate my ability to go to the bathroom.

    These are clearly some of the most basic needs we have as humans. To think that we've lost such a connection to our own basic needs for survival is somewhat confronting. But, clearly, it's something we can quickly acquire back.

    I think that it's important for us to know that not only is the average 'Western' died horrible and full of toxins, but even a 'good/ healthy' diet is nutritionally depleted due to soils being depleted of basic minerals; despite the GMO's and chemical factors.

    It is my personal and humble opinion that unless we are growing our food and eating organically and continuing to increase the nutrient value of our food via good soil health, then eating intuitively is still going to be hard, as our bodies are going to crave vitamins and minerals that are not in our food due to poor soil health.

    This is why GTN and people such as David The Good is so important. Not just for food security and diversity, but so we can understand why we eat as we do and to be able to grow in health and vitality more each day...for ourselves, our families and our community.

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    Hi @Alison - Thank you for remaining Aware... of eating Intuitively 🙂; & also for saying "Eating Intuitively isn't something that most people think about, let alone talk about". - in 40 years of working in medicine I found only 3 others who actually also were aware; so yes, evidently the US population has nary a clue, with catastrophic consequences. - And why I started this 2nd. conversation here.

    Thank you also for saying "eating intuitively is still going to be hard, as even a 'good/healthy' diet is nutritionally depleted due to soils being depleted of basic minerals, & our bodies are craving vitamins and minerals that are not in our food". - For that I started this Remineralizing discussion so our body can intake & absorb in the cells the minerals it so desperately craves.

    Thank you further for saying that hydration, & true hunger are essential skills to regain, & can be individually done.