What food/drink have you made that your family won't try that you think is really good?

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I made carrot kombucha 2 weeks ago and it is DELICIOUS but no one in my family will touch it. So, I get to drink it all! 😍

I drank half of it before I thought to take a picture. I think the bright orange color my have scared my family away as well! 😁

I'm wondering what you guys have made that you find very tasty but your family refused to even try.


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    my family never would try kombucha of any sort, but i never thought of trying carrot in it. That sounds like a good idea :) I love my homemade coconut/olive oil mayonnaise. Haven’t even gotten the bravest of my family to taste it. No biggie, its my treat!

  • For me it is the same with kombucha.no one likes it😭so I get it all 😁

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    Chia tea! No one liked the chia seeds floating around. I thought it was delightful!

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    I only tried this once, but I still laugh about it today.

    Years ago, when I still believed in conventional medicine, my husband was put on a low cholesterol diet. Eggs were considered to be off limits (if I only knew then what my macular degeneration knows now!)

    Anyways, I decided to make ham and egg fried rice with a substitute for the scrambled eggs:

    I took soft tofu and dyed it yellow with food coloring.

    All during the meal, my husband would stop with a piece of tofu on his fork and ask me "What is this stuff again?"

    Later he said "Please don't make this stuff again."

    BTW: The tofu was flavorless and that made the meal less flavorful, plus the rice turned yellow near the piece of tofu.

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    Good day, I guess I'm pretty lucky. My family will try anything. Meals were mostly foraged and growed while little one was growing up. Now at 10years old she'll eat anything. Big leaves of kale from the garden, any green drink I put in front of her. Yes, even the kombucha...I told her it's good for her...she takes a drink and makes the best funny faces. haha

    I have told daughter, that some parents make their kids drink cod liver oil each season. As long as it's not cod liver oil, she's a good sport.

    Husband on the other hand is not a fan of those yummy dark green kale leafs. He loves the kombucha too.

    Chia on the other hand...is something only I enjoy. that's fine with me. :)

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    @shllnzl I took a free Rouxbe plant based cooking class several years ago. One of the ingredients we had to learn to cook was tofu! We learned to marinade it and all sorts of other ways to make it taste like meat, eggs, whatever. I never fooled anyone in my family including myself! 🤣🤣 The only tofu any of us would eat was a chocolate custard type dessert made with soft tofu. My daughter has made it several times since to take to her small group at church and to other gatherings. The kids are always shocked to find out they ate tofu.

    I'm sure there are people who love tofu! We are just not the ones. Plus, I found out that soy doesn't like me. It upsets my stomach terribly.

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    Well, I love kombucha, but no one else in my family seems to. But really, that is just scratching the surface. I LOVE organ meats, all kinds of wild fish and game, frog legs and turtles and all kinds of wild veggies. So, I eat my squirrels, liver pate, poke salat and eels alone. Sure, it is more for me. But, as passionate as I am about eating good food, I would actually rather cook than eat. Not being able to share unique foods is really frustrating.

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    My family will not touch fermented vegetables. PERIOD! I have tried different veggies and different ferment times but no luck. I have come to the conclusion that they are "sweet" eaters and the bite of ferments or bitters just can't pass their taste buds. I took me a bit to adjust to bitter tastes but now I crave them which is really good for my tummy!

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    Oh, then there is also dehydrated water... no one will drink it... go figure!

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    One of the benefits of living alone is that I can cook whatever I want!

    Having been married to a man who was a picky eater, I have to say it's a relief.

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    The other 1/2 will Not eat anything with coconut, & coconut-flavor in it. - I love it, the more the better, lol

    otoh, from all the kombucha-talk on the forum I decided I had to try it, so I bought some. Daily I'd look at it in the fridge, this went on for weeks, - until I thought I bet it's gone rotten/bad. - One day it disappeared altogether. I was relieved. - However, I very much enjoy fermented Saurkraut, & Red cabbage, - so maybe I'll get brave 🙂 again some day.

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    I try to use up aging greens in smoothies. Sometimes they taste too.well.green!

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    Homemade sauerkraut! I love the stuff, just a tablespoon or so a day and my digestive system is happy. No one else will touch it. Another is non-aromatic herbal teas. They say it tastes like grass.

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    I make carrot, beet juices, and green smoothies, sooo great, but no takers amongst mine own...yet! I put wine in the beet juice, maybe soon they will try that out!

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    Glad to see so many of you are in the same boat! I made "fruit punch" kombucha this week with carrot juice (no pulp), cherries and grapes so my family wouldn't be afraid to try it. They loved it this time!