choose your lifespan

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at the beginning of the 20th century, life expectancy at birth was around 45 years. It has risen to about 75, thanks primarily to public Hygiene health measures. - Additionally you may have heard about Jeanne L. Calment, born the year before Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. She watched the Eiffel Tower being built as a teenager and sold canvases to Vincent Van Gogh. Jeanne rode a bicycle until she was 100. When she died in 1997, she established the current-recorded world record for longest life, having lived 122 years & 164 days. - Worldwide in 1990, centenarians (people 100 years +) numbered 95,000. Next in 2015 they rose to 451,000. And this growth is expected to accelerate... Projections suggest 3.7 million centenarians across the globe in 2050.

now, anyone still in the wasted 'aging is normal' mindset stuck & not willing to change, please Skip this conversation. But what if everything you've been taught to believe... re aging is wrong. - And to the point what if with your Sirtuins/longevity genes you could choose your lifespan.

For one thing, it has been known for decades that chronological age is not the same as biological/Epigenetic age. And further that via 2 sm. meals daily of specific Nutrients (fast 4x/yr), & lifestyle including chosen breathless exercise & (hormesis->what doesn't kill u makes you stronger), & shed stress to sleep like a baby, & biomarker feedback, & always telling the truth ((so No pharmaceuticals)) you can create a healthy outcome. Should you be interested, a 14-minute summary introduction