"the doctor(s) told me (whatever... terminal thing) that is my fate"

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Why in the world would we share related statements in the HEALTH section ? - Yes why in deed?

Because countless people are told every minute of each day unutterable things like re TESTs, or 'treat-ments': "This won't hurt a bit."

Oops. Sorry. It does hurt. A little more than "a bit." But if they told you it would hurt like Heck, would it be any better for you? -- That's why the vast majority of doctors lie. ALOT. Instead of saying the real truth: "This won't hurt me a bit."

How about: "I'm sorry but you have terminal (something or other), & you're going to die in a month". - https://qz.com/676394/if-people-realized-how-little-doctors-knew-theyd-be-very-scared/ How many ? people at this point have the where-with-ALL to respond with "REALLY? you don't say. You're practicing witchcraft, because frankly you have NO clue what my lifespan is" - so we could share Alot of useful/empowering... situations to help yet others reading this forum, what do you think?


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    I think that doctors are going to have to answer questions for me and I will not just follow along like I have in the past.

    And woe to the doctor that does not talk with/listen and inform this senior!

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    Doctors and the drugs they over prescribe are a major cause of death. Many times 1 prescription leads to many more to "help" the other drug work, or to overcome the problems the first drug caused. There are very few people I know who are not on a (or several) long-term prescription. Very sad!

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    True @MommaMo - Every time I've seen a (forced) doctor , they would tell me "You're a licensed NURSE so you got the training, & you worked in the medical profession how many decades ?, so how can you REFUSE ??"

    And I sat there & said: "It's okay to be Ignorant once, after-all pharmaceuticals may be a new experience for someone. So after an hour, or a month, another set of bad symptoms pop up, symptoms the victim never before experienced, but still who knows, so doctors continue convincing the hapless Public "We know what you need"... Soon the person is on several ... At some point he or she realizes that all those added symptoms came AFTER all those drugs were faithfully accepted into their body, & they say WAIT JUST A MINUTE !! - Were I to keep this up long enough... you'd succeed in killing me, altogether. - But I have NEWS for you: I have a LIFE to LIVE.... so since you allowed your conscience in medical school to die, iow you have no conscience left, Why would I shovel your pharma poisons ! no less by the handfuls ?? "

    I take NO pharma poisons ! whatsoever, period. - Why? to PRAISE MY GOD 🙂

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    My bvn husband just finished radiation and chemo for tongue cancer, thankfully he only takes a blood pressure pill each day and quit that during his treatment. He has a very positive attitude and was determined not to get a feeding port, which he didn't. We are very thankful he came out of everything with a clean bill of health! His only side effects were he lost his facial hair and is weak, no stamina, which is gradually coming back. A positive attitude and outlook are essential to your health for sure!

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    I work in the pharma industry on the development side of the things.

    I know a lot of side effects and how they are coded and doctors just hate it when I go see one that I know a lot of things they do not expect someone other than a doctor to know. And they had it when I persist in asking questions.

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    @Jens 👏🙌👏 I need a loud whistle emoticon.

    They do not like it when someone with knowledge questions them...or seeing someone who knows more than they do. They don't like it when you have figured out that they are lying or manipulating you either. Been there, done that more than once in different situations...but I don't have the inside information like you will. I can only imagine them saying, "Oh! There she comes again..." I have taught many doctors when they have proven themselves to be these ways. I am sure that when I have seen those particular type of drs. more than once, I made their day each time.

    I have do many stories, but one was an endocrinologist who I was "manipulated" into seeing...the doctor expressed her surprise...to another gp present...that I agreed to go. That gp was of the pushiest kind when she found out that I wasn't blindly following. She pulled a few things on me that I resisted for good reason. Anyway, I kept my appointment (I was expecting, so brought my husband for emotional & moral support...hormones, you know) & we were well informed & had a lot of great questions for him. I had anticipated most of the answers and he went pretty much to script, so it got intense...for him. He tried to convince us something existed when it did not, and through our questioning, he admitted certain little known things that we wanted to have confirmed. Needless to say, he left very angry & quickly. We assumed the visit was over shortly after and left the room after he did. I never went back to either.

    This being said, I have seen a few (very few) good doctors.

    Just so I know if I am understanding correctly, what do you mean by "coded?"

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    @Laurie with coded I mean how they come to the laymens language used and what is actually behind these terms and how the percentage is calculated

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    I'm so tired of Drs saying things like:

    "You know, you've reached that age", didn't think I was THAT old.

    "You know,your history" What history? "You know, that history!"

    "I feel the test we ran last month didn't show anything, so, we need to run it again"

    I went to the Dr office had a new to me PA ( have no problem with having a PA, NPT, intern etc) she walked in NEVER told me her name and started listing 7 test I needed done.

    Ok I can't have have that till Oct 31, my insurance will not pay till than. "If we tell them your having problems, they'll pay for them"

    I had that test 3 months ago. "Well it didn't show anything so we need to repeat it"

    Almost all local Doctors and all the hospitals are owned by one company.

    They set a # and each Dr office has to reach that # each week in tests ordered.

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    Laurie Drs hate when I come in, I question. I want to know why I need to take that pill, need that test etc.

    In this area all the Dr offices as long as they are part of the system can read what every other Dr you go to writes, meds given, test etc.

    I had my RA Dr ask what I had done, my file has a red flag because I refuse to be a sheep and just do what they tell me needs done, refused more meds and test.

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    The last few times I went to the doctor, he was typing symptoms in the computer to look up the solution. If I am at the doctor, I have already done my research and determined I needed to be there. If all they are going to do is look it up and tell me what the web says, I have no interest in going. Plus I would rather find the cause of said issue, not just cover it up.

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    Oh my, I returned to this thread only a day later, & went WHAT ! -

    Then I read my O.P. - and - obviously I should have written that totally DIFFERENT, as none of the responses were what I was trying to Communicate, no less in the HEALTH-section I asked to have added.

    And since this is now here for all time, Maybe I should stop posting altogether. - Sigh.

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    I was 32 when I was told the first time that I had a terminal illness and that some people have lived as long as five years after diagnosis. Oh, and don't bother to have any more kids. "Are you afraid" he asked. Blissfully ignorant I responded that I didn't know the terminology he was using and that I believed that there was a plant for every illness. Plus, I continued, if I got into an illness, I believed I could get out of it. I took a day to wallow in a couple of rounds of "oh poor me" and then got to work.

    Research was my friend, my mother and my baby. I listened to what I found, planned my care and nurtured my protocol. I had two more healthy children, am still kicking. Ya know, I still can't find the barcode that has my expiration date.

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    I have a great integrative doctor as well as a good PCP who helps me get the tests I need done for my integrative doctor. My OB/GYN is awesome. My biggest complaint is that Western doctors get no training in herbalism, when I think they could benefit from one semester at least since so many people are using herbs right now.