Ok I give. How many rolls of toilet paper do you buy at one time?

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Are you prepared?

Every time I see a report or hear what you need to stock up on, close to the top of each list has been toilet paper. Make sure you have enough toilet paper, don't forget the toilet paper, are you ready if you have to stay at home for 14 days, will you have enough toilet paper. Winter storm, sickness, power outages, the list goes on and on.

Do people really only buy 1 roll at a time? I don't think our store even sells only 1 roll. a 4 pk yes but 1 roll?

Are you prepared? I don't think toilet paper should be in the top 3 of my families need, I hope I'm a better planner that.

Yes we have enough if we have to stay in place for 14 days. How about you?



  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Haha...that is funny. When they show empty shelves, it is always toilet paper shelves shown first, but you know, bulk amounts of that take up more space and do leave empty shelves faster than flats of canned goods, so it is more sensational.

    Yes, we do have enough. We buy many rolls at a time because it is the least expensive that way.

  • Jens the Beekeeper
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    I buy 2 pks of toilet paper each time so we nearly always have a spare pack but I do not store bigger amounts but will buy 3 pks from now on to built some storage.

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    Big pkg at Sam's lol.

  • shllnzl
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    I usually buy the big package at Costco. I was there the other day, and saw people loading two big packages into their carts with paper towels, etc.

    Bottles of water were completely sold out.

  • Leediafastje
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    I buy once a year but, I a large have a storage room. I don't like to shop.

  • Karin
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    Hahaha! Yes, even here in NZ we have the same - friend went to supermarket and the toilet paper shelves completely empty. Makes one wonder just HOW much paper people use per wipe tho LOL

  • Linda Bittle
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    You know, it could be a great barter item...

    I used to get a package every time I went to the store (2 or 3 times a month), but I ran out of storage space for them. So I try not to get crazy. But I do not like to put the last roll on the holder without a new package in the cabinet. I guess it's a sign of civilization that I want to hold on to.

  • sallyhoward
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    yes. I would have thought food to be of more importance!

  • Leslie Carl
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    We buy septic safe TP and the store we found it the cheapest at is a dollar store. But we never buy anything else there. We live in a rural area and have to travel into the city to shop, so we try to have backups of everything.

    Since we don't buy anything else at the dollar store, we buy a whole case of TP at a time (10 6-packs) so we don't have to make so many trips.

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    I used to be a couponer many years ago before we started eating mostly organic fruits and veggies and cooking from scratch. Back then as now most of the coupons are for processed foods. These days I only coupon for deals on toilet paper and paper towels and I've been lucky to get some really good deals mostly at CVS with extra value bucks. So, to answer your question - I'm usually pretty well stocked on both but especially toilet paper.

    A couple days ago I was going to run in Walmart to pick up one thing but decided against it when I saw the parking lot looked like the day before Christmas. I went to Kroger which was just as bad! People were buying heaping buggies of food (mostly processed)!! I really think the media is freaking people out. Being concerned and having a little extra on hand is one thing but this has gotten way out of hand!

    My husband told me someone he teaches with told him she witnessed 2 women fighting over a case of water at the grocery store the other day.

    I ended up going to Walmart yesterday for wiper blades and couldn't believe the isles of emptiness!!! They had boxes all over the place trying to restock.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    We have a regular grocery run to do shortly. I very much hope there is toilet paper. We are not out, but are at the point where I usually want go get more.

    I am not aware of a panic in my province just yet...but possibly the Costco in the big city is out. The Costco fans will drive 2-4 hours to that particular one, so who knows? Every news story is about a Costco here, Costco there. Lol! We don't have a Costco where we shop, much closer to home!

    Oh, the silliness of it all. It is like those who quickly have to evacuate a house during a forest fire. I hear that they usually grab the most odd items and wonder why later.

    However...what would you do if you had no toilet paper? To add to that, if it was still snowy outside (no leaves), and your shiny junk mail doesn't work? I joked that at least we have books...and a few rags.

  • ines871
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    Hi @fernblossum@yahoo.com , re "enuf toiletpaper for 14 days?", you're kidding, right?

    Have not had to buy TP in over 4 years... because over 90+% of items I only buy when there is a "big sale" on it, & then buy nearly a truckload. - Alternatively the Dollar store used to sell a package of 90 baby-wipes, that now they only come with 72, darn it. But if you're careful, they don't fall apart like even the thickest toilet-papers, so one little package can last you longer than TP. - How you ask?

    Us folk eating lots of natural Fibers daily (as prebiotics), also such foods keep you fuller longer, &

    only eating 1-2 small meals daily (with also intermittent fasting) the stool stays formed, so for every little meal eaten, you eliminate a small formed stool. iow the colon empties as it needs day after day so you stay healthier 🙂

    Thus as far as asking: Are you ready? - Well, I am giving it my best incldg. TP, & what about you?

  • Jannajo
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    I take subscribe and save at amazon, delivered big pkg tp,every 6 mos only...haha ps I live alone here! Really, I am super prepared (w staples)....

  • Karin
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    Actually what you really want to stock up on is Vitamin C! That definitely works as an antiviral :)

  • pseabolt
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    I usually buy the twenty pack and buy another when we are down to about four rolls. When I was growing up it was unforgivable in my father’s eyes for us to ever run out of toilet paper and that’s something that has stuck with me. If my home is ever out, ask when the funeral was because it surely means that I have died. 😂

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Well, our regular store visit was successful. They still had some tp. We bought double because it was on sale, just like we always do if we find a good deal. We will be just fine. 😁

  • Debora Salmon
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    Funny...I had a sister ask me why I bought 12 packs since we only use one roll at a time. How many rolls do you need? Well, with five bathrooms (at the time) and a camper...doesn’t take long to empty a 12 pack. Plus with little kids in the house, well we all know they like to make “oven mitts” for when they go poo. Still I don’t get the panic mode but as a prepared household we are not worried about what the “chicken littles” are doing.

  • Momma Mo
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    We buy the big packs at Sam's. 36 rolls per pack.

  • vickeym
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    We buy the large packs at Costco. We live over an hour from the nearest Costco and only shop once every couple months for our bulk purchases. We try to keep a pack or two on hand. Snow storms can leave you stranded for several days or more. We also have earthquakes and while they are not usually a problem, once in a while there are big ones that damage roads.

  • Melissa Swartz
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    We buy the big package at Sam's. About a week ago I was there late on Sunday afternoon, and the TP was 80% gone. Fresh meat was also 80% gone. The displays were literally almost bare.

  • sswoodsva
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    There are other things people rush out and buy I think are funny too. But, have you ever run out of toilet paper? HaHa - I don't want to do it again. So I bought another 8 pack in case everyone buys it all up and I can't get any.

  • pamelamackenzie
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    I usually buy the big costco pack. Then it lasts so long I sometimes almost run out before realizing it. Though if a supply chain disruption caused me to go without, I think I could handle it. I can use paper or rags as someone mentioned before. Also as long as we have safe running water, we could always shower and clean ourselves. I think people got worried about the advice to be prepared to stay at home for 3 weeks if need be. If you have several family members, you want to try and lesson transmission so having Toilet paper might be useful. I went to Costco about a week ago. TP was gone and people were getting paper towels. Heard a man ask whom I assume was his wife, is there a good deal on the paper towels, she replied to him she guessed people were getting that instead of TP. Shen then placed one in their cart. Also paper towels to dry hands and dispose so family members are not sharing towels. Also if you have to keep your bathroom sanitized if the virus is in your house, you might want the paper towels to clean with so you can dispose them. Though you could rip some old t-shirts now and make a cleaning stash.

  • maimover
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    I get the big 20 or 24 pack and always keep a full one on hand while working through another one. When that one starts to get down I’ll replace one so a full one remains. I listened to Melissa K Norris’s podcast the other day about what’s going on in her area with the corona virus. She was talking with a friend two hours away from her who is seeing firsthand what is happening in the stores. The one thing her friend said was using old cut up teeshirts if necessary. And then there’s always cowboy toilet paper depending on where you are...

  • blevinandwomba
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    A week and a half ago I was on the phone with my sister in Yokohama, and she said when she got off the phone she was going hunting for toilet paper, because none of the stores close to her had any. Last week when we talked she said she had gone to six or seven stores more, and none had any. There were signs posted telling customers to only buy one pack per family, but I'm guessing they instituted that policy a little too late. Thankfully she did have some extra. She said the government had issued a statement that there was not an actual shortage, as the toilet paper is produced domestically, but that people had been buying too much. Supposedly new shipments will be in this week.

  • tomandcara
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    like @shllnzl and others, we typically buy a large multi-roll pack from Costco or Sam's Club. With all the news reports, there was none t be found today at either of those stores.

  • Desire’
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    I've greatly reduced the amount of toilet paper needed by using family cloth (fabric cut into squares) for #1. I use only one roll a month for #2 but if the shelves were emptied of Charmin I'd still have a sustainable way to clean up. Stocking up on a family pack could last me over a year!

  • I think the pkg I buy is 12-18 rolls at a time to be split between 2 bathrooms. I need to replace it about every other week.

  • silvertipgrizz
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    As much as I can at one time for the same common reason, you never know and you sure don't want to be out of that item.

    I don't have night mares about it though. There's always lambs ear, and mullein after all.....if or when worse comes to worse.

  • probinson50
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    We have basement storage so we buy bulk and store it.

  • bcabrobin
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    Someone sent me a facebook notice that there has been fights, people stealing other peoples carts or cars. Not so much on food and meds it's the TP they have to stock up on. Not sure I understand this one