Ginger Beer Recipe?

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How to make ginger beer. I know there are lots of recipes and how to's out there as I've looked at them and I am hoping for a recipe that does not call for the specific 'yeast'. Just trying/wanting to save a little time as I am already busy all the time. I have successfully made 'gingerale' but the ginger beer is not quite so fast and easy according to the recipe's I have found so knowing the awesome number of experienced 'fermenters' here....

A reputable place to buy 'water' keifer. A company that if the grains don't reproduce they will replace them. I had some and for the longest, (all the while enjoying my water keifer), to do anything additional I could find recommended to get the grains to multiply as I had people I wanted to share some with and my small batch could not keep up with my at the time new found addiction lol....

Any suggestions for both much appreciated.



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    I would normally recommend "Cultures for Health" but they are currently out of water kefir grains. You can sign up to be notified when they are back in stock.

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    Spruce beer is what I had (with my Dad, years ago), too much sugar for me now (I think).

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    I was going to say Cultures for Health, too. I haven't used a lot of their products, but what I have has been very good quality. And they have lots of good information on the website, too.

    They have sourdough starter, yogurt cultures, and all kinds of interesting things related to fermentation.

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    I had no luck with Cultures for Health water kefir grains; I followed the instructions to the letter.

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    @Mary Linda Bittle

    I started buying from Cultures for Health about 7 years ago. They had phone help at the time. I used their milk keifer and followed their instructions and had good results once I went through enough batches to find the taste I liked and tweaked my process to that time frame, grains and milk.

    I also bought my only source ever of water keifer grains from them about 5 years ago. I also did ever thing per thier directions repeatedly and they NEVER grew. My intent was to use for myself and share bunches with my family and friends..My grandson, youngest, in particluar really like it so I made batches for us as often as I could.

    Currently the jar is still on the counter in a very thick syup as it got neglected for too long. So at some point I am giong to see what revival is poss for it if any..

    So, about a year ago, through their 'text only' option for help, I told them of my situation and reminded them I bought it from them and their seemingly lack of concern other than to repeat that their directions needed to be followed which I did with all their startes I tried, and over the course of about 20 batches trying every other idea I could find in internet...bottom line I won't buy from them again and I avoid sellers as much as I can that don't off phone service. Note also, that a friend I recommend water keifer to, let her try some of mine (and she was hooked), showed her the company I bought mine from...she bought, and her grains grew like crazy...

    Any ideas what I could have done to keep them alive and is it poss once it is in a syrup stage to revive?