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Today is International Women's Day! — The Grow Network Community
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Today is International Women's Day!

KarinKarin New ZealandPosts: 272 ✭✭✭

March 8th is International Women's Day. Let's celebrate ourselves as women, for those of us who are :), and celebrate the women in our lives - mother's sisters, aunts, grandmothers - and the things they have done to feed us, and support us. Let's remember the suffragettes who fought to get women the vote on 19th September 1893, in NZ - first to get the right to vote in the Western world. Let's celebrate all the women scientists - not just Marie Curie - but Henrietta Leavitt, Maria Merian, Alice Ball, Mary Anning, Rachel Carson AAda King, Emmy Noether to name just a few.

Women are still fighting for equity in pay and conditions - we have come a long way, but still got a way to go yet. Women bear the brunt of poor living conditions in the Third World, and suffer the most in famine, clothing factory fires and such-like.

Use this day to acknowledge and support women of the world :)

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