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After reading a blog here on the grownetwork, this copy/paste is very interesting and is encouraging to use toothpaste powder and coconut oil and horsehair to clean teeth. How would one use horsetail to clean teeth?

...One of the best, most bioavailable sources of silica is horsetail (Equisetum hyemale). Silica helps to remove aluminum from your body, and does so without causing you to lose other important metals. It also strengthens bones, teeth, and connective tissues.

Equisetum hyemale was hand-wildcrafted by Doug Simons himself in the most pristine natural habitats, far from any chemical residues or toxins. This herb is common—prolific in much of North America, Europe, and Asia—but because of where it grows, it’s incredibly hard to find a source that’s clean enough for internal use as Doug recommends in “Alternatives to Dentists.” This is a rare opportunity to get the highest quality Equisetum hyemale that can be found anywhere. 


Glutathione is an antioxidant produced by the body. It is important for the detoxification of metals. You can encourage your body to produce more glutathione by eating sulfur-rich foods, and foods with other glutathione precursors. Some of these foods include avocados, asparagus, okra, broccoli, tomatoes, zucchinis, spinach, garlic, onions, Brussels sprouts, red peppers, cantaloupes, strawberries, meat, and eggs. And make sure to buy organic, or grow your own. Glyphosate has the ability to smuggle more aluminum into your body, and can even carry it directly to your brain. 


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    @teachercaryn Thank you for sharing this information.

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    I bought aluminum containers to freeze meal preps in. Then I started worrying about heating food in it, so I have been lining the containers with parchment paper before putting food in and freezing. Not sure if that is helpful but I am guessing I have a placebo effect on myself at least. I probably won't buy the aluminum containers again.

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    @pamelamackenzie I too have been looking hard at my food containers. I just got rid of aluminum water bottles used for hiking.

    I spend a huge amount of time reading labels and articles to avoid toxic materials in my food and home (and yard, pet food....)

    As I commented to my husband the other day "It takes me less time at the store because 90% of the items do not meet my food standards."

    Of course, that means trying to find what you need somewhere else, or growing it.

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    @pamelamackenzie @shllnzl I’ve been using glass storage containers. Yes, they do weigh more yet are used effectively

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    @teachercaryn First of all, I would be amiss to not refer you to the TGN program as mentioned in your quote. You can also find a kit in the TGN store.

    Secondly, I have read that powdered horsetail in your tooth powder is acceptable. Some people use it as a tea. I suspect that a mouthwash could be effective, but I have no proof.

    If ingesting horsetail, one has to be careful as it can cause internal problems if you don't take breaks from it. For this reason, and because I do have some young children, I would prefer the powder in my tooth powder. I do not know if a break is needed if taken this way.

    Now as for coconut oil, when researching it, I read that it is not really a good ingredient in homemade toothpaste, as it blocks something (I no longer remember what). Instead, a better use for the coconut oil is oil pulling. This is when I decided to just use tooth powder instead of making toothpaste.

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    On the subject of aluminum vs. other food storage containers, started a new thread, below, to try to keep this one on topic (horsetail/toothpowder/toothpaste.)

    Here is a thread to continue the discussion of safe food storage:

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    @LaurieLovesLearning thank you for the feedback, and for sharing about tooth powder instead of toothpaste.