Safe Food Storage Containers

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As touched on in another thread, using safe food storage containers (no aluminum nor plastic) is important to our health. I wanted to start a thread about this subject, as it is so very applicable to TGN.

In this thread, I would like discussion about various containers that people have used, why you like them, sizes and most of all, online sources if you have bought them online.

In the past, we used glass containers for leftovers & premade lunches, but were obviously disappointed when they chipped or broke (so expensive & wasteful), so we switched to stainless steel. We have been very pleased with 2 types of chips nor breaks. They stack easily, taking very little space. They are easy to clean. I only wish that the lids weren't plastic.

We only use stainless water bottles too, and have found that double walled eeps hot liquids hot & doesn't let water freeze when it's left in a vehicle way below freezing...a good thing to know if kids are forgetful! We had less punched out water bottles.

As for our raw milk, we invested in these (pics below) after I barely touched a gallon glass jar with another and had the milk quickly gush all over the fridge & floor. 😳 That was not nice. I had several jars show their age all around the same time. 😕

The gallon jars may be free, but waste & excessive mess is not a welcome thing. I will continue to use them & smaller jars for pantry use & dried herbs. It looks nice & I can tell content level at a glance.

Our new stainless steel containers are spill proof and leak proof and we have found, quite sturdy (they are not with kids.) They pour well, the handle both on the lid & bucket portion are strong. I only wish that they stacked better and that the rim was sealed, not just curled over, but the latter is not a big deal in the end. We bought these on Amazon. They are expensive, but should last a very long time. We will get more as we can afford them.