Dry canning?

I watched a you tube video on dry canning dry goods...rice, beans and such. It was a completely new idea to me but seems to be safe and sterile. She sterilized her big mouth Mason jars, dried them in the oven on 225 degrees farenheit for 20 minutes, took them out and filled with her dried goods, stuck them back in the oven, uncovered, at 225 again for 90 minutes to kill any bug larvae, mold, etc. that may have been in the dry goods. She boil sterilized the lids and put them on her mason jars and let them sit and seal for 24 hours. Anything that didn't seal, she vacuum sealed.

She claimed the dry goods would be good for 15 to 30 years.

Anyone heard of or tried this? It really has stuck in my head.


  • chimboodle04
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    We did use this once for oatmeal - worked well, but not really worth it for us since we went though it all before a year was up anyways - now we just vacuum seal it in the jars - much quicker and lasts long enough for us. Worth noting that this is only a possibility for dry goods and would not be a safe replacement for actual canning.

  • bmaverick
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    We just clean the items first, then food dehydrate, and vacuum seal in the wide mouth canning jars. Simple clean and no elevated heat that could destroy nutrients in the stored foods. Likewise for drying and storing herbs.

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    I have heard of it but since the quantities I had compared to how much I use I deemed it not worthwhile. I've got 5 gallon buckets of some bulk goods that we bought over 10 years ago. We got the lids to go on that have a bug proof lid that screws on and off. Also in any of the grains or beans I put bay leaves as they keep weevils from hatching. The only thing I had to toss was the dried broccoli but it was very strong to begin with lol. I sprinkled it over the garden beds. That all being said, I can see where dry canning can be useful in some situations and I do feel like it's safe if done correctly.

  • Kelley
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    Thanks for all the feedback. I think the idea was for like a prepper but she wasn't one. Never explained why she was doing it. I have a vacuum sealer and the heat destroying the nutrients is something I didn't think about.

  • lmrebert
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    @bmaverick how do you vacuum seal wide mouth jars, sorry if its a stupid question...

  • nksunshine27
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    @lmrebert no question is stupid they have two different size attachments one to fit regular jars and one to fit wide mouth

  • dipat2005
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    Once I canned corn silk (which is good for urinary tract infections) in pint jars (no liquid) in a water bath canner.

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