Chicken feet

I was amazed at how much Cornish Cross feet weigh! Not to be wasted Iā€™m sure there are many creative ways to use them besides traditional broth. Please share,

Also once the broth is made can the meat be used in a meal šŸ„˜? Not just fed to the chickens?šŸ“


  • Megan Venturella
    Megan Venturella Posts: 678 āœ­āœ­āœ­āœ­

    I haven't made it myself, but at Dim Sum restaurants they serve chicken feet, and they are DELICIOUS. I can't give you a recipe I've tried, but I did a quick search and found many recipes. Here's one. If you're not grossed out, I promise the flavor is amazing.

    But of course, the broth is excellent, so if this looks like too much work, all the collagen and connective tissue from chicken foot broth will probably make your skin look ten years younger! šŸ˜‰

  • SuperC
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    While traveling and checking out meat markets, I had seen chicken feet for sale. Some people eat every part of the animal, bird, and fish and plant. Not sure of any recipes though.

  • Jens the Beekeeper
    Jens the Beekeeper Posts: 651 admin

    You can dry or freeze them and feed to your dog as a treat too. Have not tried the broth from feet myself as the rest of the family is grossed out šŸ™„

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @Jens Just don't tell them what's in it. Let them ooh & ahh over it first. šŸ˜³šŸ˜‚

  • tomandcara
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    I agree, justdon't tell them until they have had the brth several times. Maybe use the broth in a soup or stew first?

  • solarnoon.aspen
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    We were giving all of our chicken feet to our dog as the mot high value reward for 'come' across our property. UNTIL, we put some into our broth making pot. So much more gelatin and collagen for our old joints.

  • soeasytocraft
    soeasytocraft Posts: 237 āœ­āœ­āœ­

    I decided it was time to get those feet out of the freezer. Made them into broth with the help of the instant pot. Oh my! So thick! Like solid thick! To think this precious commodity is tossed away! I'd encourage everyone to make use of the beneficial Collagen in these feet!

    Might give that yummy chicken feet recipe another time. @Megan Venturella thanks for finding it for us.

  • csinclair461
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    perhaps another reason to raise your own chickens. I have asked around at my local meat market and stores, and no one has them. I think I can get chickens from local farms, but have never gotten past the cost. I saw some chicken feet in a local coop group deal once, but they were expensive. Even for me, who buys mostly organic food. But this does encourage me to look again!

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