Coronavirus: Putting the Tea in TCM

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Possibly of interest:

Read the portion labeled as "Putting the Tea in TCM." I don't know how available some of these items are even in Chinese markets, but some should be easier to find should someone want to use this tea.


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    @LaurieLovesLearning I didn't know anything about Forsythia fruit and wasn't sure if it would be available here but Botanic Planet has it along with both other ingredients. This is a good learning experience for me; investigating all the remedies that are being posted online. I have studied both TCM and Ayurveda but realise that it was just a brief overview and now I have to go back and dive deeper.

    So Forsythia is good for swelling in the small air passages in the lungs, sore throat and fever. Lonicera is for upper respiratory tract infections (colds, influenza and pneumonia). Skullcap is anti-inflammatory and useful for respiratory infections. Its not just the effects of the individual plants but in TCM it is often a synergy of the herbs used in a particular combination. Looks (to a novice) like a good combo.

    Really like the chicken soup advice. I roasted a chicken yesterday and my project for today is chicken soup.

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    @torey Good to know where to get those!

    I thought that this tea sounded like it had a good source.

    As for chicken soup, we have a lot of roosters who will most likely be heading in that direction. It is always good advice.

    I agree that this is a good time for learning.