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This totally sounds like a stupid question but due to time constraints this year I need the shortcut if its available.

I am normally an experiemnter in my gardener endeavors but I just don't have the time to "play around" with experiments this year. So I was wondering...

I have about a dozen different kind of microgreens seeds left which I never got to use over the winter months. So if I would plant them as if a normal seed in my garden, will they grow and mature as a normal crop?

Seems to me they should but I'd hate to waste the time and space if this is doomed to failure before I even start.

Has anyone ever tried this and what were your results? Thanks


  • DebiB
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    I planted some bulls blood beets from a micro green seed packet that I forgot about for a few years. I got beautiful red beets with red leaves. Give it a try, if the seed is old just plant extra!

  • greyfurball
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    Thanks @DebiB for letting me know your outcome.

    It has never made sense to me how a sprout seed, microgreen seed and a garden seed could be any different but I don't really know. I just didn't want to waste space for all these packs if this was just going to be a wait and see what works, what doesn't.

  • greyfurball
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    I planted an outdoor planter yesterday with an assortment of chia seeds, beet seeds and mini carrots.

    I realize I may run into a problem with germination and growth times but since I usually get multiple harvests from each bed anyway I figure the carrots will have time to catch up to the chia and then the beets in a third harvest etc.

    Time will tell...

  • Leslie Carl
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    My experience is the same... microgreens can definitely be kept and grown into a full sized plant.