Fire Cider Options

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I make a fire cider using a basic recipe from Rosemary Gladstar. It is awful tasting but I take it. Now with Covid-19 my family wants me to make it for them. I know the kids won’t drink after that first time and my husband won’t either.

What do you do to make it more palatable? Local honey? Rose hips?? How much? I’m afraid if I add something sweet it’s going to end up even worse tasting!!

Could I make it into a tincture and add it to fruit pops or juice??


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    @herbantherapy I use 1Tbsp cider or thieves vinegar to 1Tbsp raw honey, AND I put rose chips into mixture while steeping.

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    The way I have found easiest to take fire cider is to use it as part of a salad dressing.

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    I make ours as hot as I can with LOTS of garlic, then drink it with a small tomato juice. That is actually a pretty good breakfast addition.

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    @VickiP yum, sounds great! Maybe a Bloody Mary with fire cider will have the adults drinking it!

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    While we do not really care for the taste, we understand the benefits especially at a time like this. It is no worse than any over the counter liquid cold medicine we used to take. I can understand how it might be hard to get kids to take it, perhaps as part of a salad dressing, mixed into some water to dilute it and lower the impact of the taste. God luck, it is worth getting past to taste to help protect yourself.

  • Melissa Swartz
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    I've been putting my fire cider into soups and nobody has been the wiser--no complaints. A little stealth medicine...

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    I dont understand not liking fire cider! Honest, but adding honey makes it better. the person using as a salad dressing is smart and that works, too

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    I add a splash or two of fire cider to a glass of water and it makes it much more palatable. Also, honey added to it makes it easier to drink. I will add a bit of my blackberry syrup to the glass of fire cider and vinegar, and that makes it even more palatable. Hope this helps.

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    @Melissa Swartz love the stealth medicine practice!! Nice!

    @Iris Weaver I have some lavender syrup left from last summer, I think I will see how it tastes in there!