Soap better than bleach, sanitizers

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Now hear this:

“With bleach, if you put it on a surface with a lot of dirt, that [dirt] will eat up the bleach,” says Lisa Casanova, an environmental health scientist at Georgia State University. She and other experts instead recommend using milder soaps, like dish soap, to easily sanitize a surface indoors and outdoors." (Italics mine)


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    I don’t understand the obsession with hand sanitizer, proper hand washer will accomplish the task. But I see people wash their hands and then put on hand sanitizer. That stuff causes your hands to dry out which opens you up for more problems.

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    @Louise maybe because so few really know how to wash their hands now days? Our state health department has a video on their website that actually advocates washing then using sanitizer.

    From what I have read, the coronavirus has a lipid (fat) shell, wrapper, envelope, skin, or whatever else you want to call it. It's the coating around the virus just like the coating on an M&M candy. It would stand to reason that soap would dissolve the lipid, especially dish soap. Think of the Dawn commercials with the oil soaked wildlife. Yes, you do have to clean your surfaces first.

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    surface cleaning steps: Clean the surface. Wash the surface. Rinse. Sanitize. Allow surface to air-dry.

    Hand washing: wet hands, apply soap, rub hands together to lather soap for twenty seconds, rinse hands, dry them.