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Patron Sainr of Farmers

judsoncarroll4judsoncarroll4 Posts: 3,005 admin

I just learned that there is a Patron Saint of Farmers - two, actually! Saint Isidore and his wife, Maria, were a farming couple in Spain around 1100. The story of their lives, devotion to the land, work, nature and the poor, etc, is something that I think can inspire Catholics and non-Catholics alike - those of other religion or no religion, as well - so, I'm sharing it here. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I have! https://catholicrurallife.org/resources/spiritual/isidore-and-maria-patron-saints-of-farmers/

Isidore and Maria, Patron Saints of Farmers

Isidore was born in 1070 to a peasant family near Madrid, Spain. He was baptized “Isidore” in honor of the famous archbishop of Seville.

Isidore the farmer was actually a day laborer, working on the farm of the wealthy John de Vergas at Torrelaguna, just outside Madrid. He married a poor girl, Maria Torribia. Their only child, a son, died in infancy.

The couple took a vow of continence to serve God. Isidore’s life is a model of simple Christian charity and faith. He prayed while at work. He shared what he had with the poor, even his meals. He often gave them more than he had for himself.

A story told about St. Isidore (feast day, May 15) is that he often came later to work in the fields than other laborers because he would first attend Mass in the morning. Yet his work never suffered and he always met the chores required of him. It was said two angels, one on either side of Isidore, appeared and joined their pious companion in plowing the fields.

St. Maria (feast day, September 9) always kept a pot of stew on the fireplace in their humble rural dwelling. She knew that her husband Isidore would often bring home anyone who was hungry. One day he brought home more hungry people than usual. After she served many of them, Maria told him that there simply was no more stew in the pot. He insisted that she check the pot again, and she was able to spoon out enough stew to feed them all.

More: https://catholicrurallife.org/resources/spiritual/isidore-and-maria-patron-saints-of-farmers/

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