shepherds purse

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i was wondering if anyone could tell me what parts of shepherds purse is medicinal i have read conflicting info thank you


  • Torey
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    I have been taught that it is the seeds pouches (purses) that are the most medicinal part of the plant.

    This is from the German Commission E Herbal Plant monographs:

    "Pharmacopeial grade shepherd's purse consists of the dried, aerial parts of Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medikus, harvested near the end of the flowering period when the seed pods are present."

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    @torey thankyou i had my garden area over run with them and some said it was the root others said the areal part. my hubby said i needed to lovingly pull them up so i rinsed them of root and all and have them on screens drying.

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    @nksunshine27 You are very welcome.

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    You can grab a bunch of the plant and use directly on a small wound to stop bleeding if you do not have yarrow handy. Nice for when you are out in the garden!