How many seasons do you have at your house?

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Let's do something for fun this is my list of the many seasons we have in west central PA.

Winter - in bad years can have snow on the ground from Oct - May

Mid winter break - all the snow melts.

Second Winter more of the first!

Spring of Deception - HAHA just kidding waether

Hit you hard winter - 1 more major snow storm.

Groundhog spring - I better not post what we do to grandhogs where we live.

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th you get the idea winters - these are what my dad used to call the onion snow, pea snow, daffadill - you get the idea. All these snows have names.

Mud season - we had that one all last winter, sorry I forgot we had ice storms thrown in about every week for good measure!

Actual spring - 1-2 days on 70'

Summer - we hit 70' for 2 straight days - there is dancing in the streets! We hit 80' and everybody is dieing from the heat.

False fall 40 - 50' - this one can last for 2-3 months with a few 70' thrown in.

Second summer - 80-90' this is always after the kids go back to school. Mostly last 2-3 weeks.

Actual Fall - leaves have already fallen


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    I think it's just one here, but it can't make up it's mind which one!

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    Here in the desert:

    Sorta rainy season (winter)

    Windy season (spring)

    Hair dryer season (summer), occasionally switched to high with showers (monsoons)

    Other peoples' summer (autumn)

    The wierdest weather changes I ever experienced were in Southeast England. Some days the weather went from snow to sun and everything in between, every military plane in the row had its own weather.

    The widest temperature change in one day goes to my winter in Denver: 75 degrees with sun in afternoon that melted the snow, then below freezing overnight so everything was coated in ice by morning.

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    shllnzl Southeast England sounds like NZ - we often comment about having four seasons in one day!

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    Mary Linda Bittle - Mother Nature having a argument, slams the door as she goes out and comes back in with a new point she wants you to get!