Adventures in High Performance Gardening 10 - That Secret Gift Revealed! And planting Broccoli

Marjory Wildcraft
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Gosh, it's still friggin' freezing in Colorado. But we can plant broccoli and cabbage.

And you've got to see this gift I got for Lynn. Here is the backstory on those golden boots.

Last spring, I helped Lynn with the lambing season on her farm. Lynn told me I should get some boots I don't mind getting all nasty - like with birthing amniotic fluids, blood, piss, muck... all that kind of stuff. So I went to the thrift shop and found these amazing golden boots. She kept giving me crap about wearing such stylish boots to a lambing....

The funny thing? I wore those boots all through the lambing and they are made of some kind of material that just completely repelled any kind of dirt. I mean, really, they came through like they were never used.

I know Lynn secretly really wanted golden boots to wear at lambing... LOL so I gave them to her. Also, because they didn't really fit me that well.