Herbal Community Builder Award Goes to... 2 TGN Members!

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Hey everybody, we’re stoked to announce that some of our Grow Network members have received a big award for their hard work in the herbal community. 

Remember that fire cider drink that boosts immunity!? While variations have been known for centuries, according to legend, the thieves' tonic was so strong that it protected looters during the bubonic plague. We know now that this tonic is even good for insect repellent, foot soaks, and cleaning your home! Rumor has it that those guys were using thyme, rosemary, sage, lavender, mint, garlic and ACV. 

Fast forward a several hundred years - Rosemary Gladstar perfected the cider drink and has been sharing her recipe since the 80s. And in this last decade, a company tried to trademark the name “Fire Cider” but two TGN members a part of the “Tradition Not Trademark” movement fought serious legal battles to keep the name free for public domain -- and they won!! 

Nicole Telkes, creator of The Grown Network’s “Home Medicine 101” course and Mary Blue, a Home Medicine Summit Presenter for the The Grow Network received the ABC Herbal Community Builder Award from the American Botanical Council. 

We’ve got such amazing members here in this community. Shout out to Nicole and Mary!

Show some support below and mention your favorite ingredients for fire cider…


Read more on their fight here:

ABC Herbal Community Builder Award Goes to ‘Fire Cider Three’

Fire Cider ~ A tradition, not a trademark 

We Won!! 


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    It was quite a fight to watch from far away. I admire these women for standing up fir what they knew was right, even in difficult circumstances.

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    Congratulations to Nicole and Mary for your dedication and positive influences in the herbal community, good job!

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    That is awesome! I was just beginning my journey into natural medicine when the firestorm was happening regarding Fire Cider. It is one of my constantly on hand supplies for daily care. I have since been making it for other family members who swear by it benefits! I have used extras in a few different variations depending on what I had at hand but mine is the basic recipe. I just tried a "quick recipe" (2 week brew time) that I will be decanting this weekend. I am really curious on how it compares.