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There is no direct link because I already sub to Justin's email list.

Here is the info so if interested go to his website and sign up for his email list....I think is the way to get on his list as it's been some time since I signed up... It is free and it starts on Monday and the description is further down in this email.

Sorry but I could not figure out how to do it another way and really wanted you all to have a chance to watch if you wanted to and have time.

  • Justin Rhodes <[email protected]>
  • To:[email protected]
  • Thu, Mar 26 at 1:39 PM
  • My Cousin (and carpenter), Randolph was out the other day and we got to talking about this crazy COVID-19 stuff.

  • He told me that he had just been to the grocery story and they didn’t have one piece of meat in stock :(

  • It’s like my friend Luke (MI Gardner) said, "People went from buying two days worth of groceries, to two months worth of groceries and the system couldn’t handle it."

  • After experiencing a sudden and unforeseen shortage at the Grocery store sooooo many people are looking to grow their own food.

  • That same Luke (as mentioned above) went from selling 200 seed packs a day to 1,000 seed packs a day!

  • As a result there are now an influx of people wanting to grow some of their own food (FAST), but they just don’t know how.

  • Whether you know NOTHING about gardening or you're a seasoned grower, you’re no doubt sensing a new urgency to grow MORE.

  • Welp, "Uncle Justin" to the rescue ;)

  • I’m gonna help you out.

  • I’m creating a Summit called, "How to Grow Your Own Groceries in less than 60 days."

  • In that Summit, I’ll deliver FIVE videos explaining how to start seeds, get chicks, grow meat chickens (in 58 days) and build an INSTANT Garden.

  • The Summit begins Monday.

  • You don’t have to do anything to sign up as you’re already on my email list, so you’re Golden.

  • Just stay tuned.

  • However, If you’re ready for some Food Growing Content NOW, all you have to do is share the love (share the summit) and I’ll give you access to my video/PDF, "10 Steps I Used to Grow 75% of my Own Food on Less Than 1/2 Acre."

  • Share the "Grow Your Own Groceries" Summit and get my "10 Steps For Growing Most of My Food", HERE

  • If you’re a long time VLOG fan, you’ll enjoy seeing our farm nearly FOUR years ago, in 2016 when we shot that piece :)

  • Still here?

  • Ok, Here’s the 10 Steps I found to lead me to success…

  • Step #1 - Identify your goals (grow what you’ve been spending the most on)
  • Step #2 - Design (some permaculture design tricks)
  • Step #3- Prep a future garden area with chickens (the Chicken Garden Miracle)
  • Step #4 - Slap together a greenhouse (like this)
  • Step #5 - Start plants in soil blocks (like this)
  • Step #6 - Care for the soil (a Meadow Creatures Broadfork will do wonders)
  • Step #7 - Transplanting
  • Stage #8 - Maintenance (taking care of weeds and bugs)
  • Stage #9 - Eat (some recipes)
  • Stage #10 - Deal with the Abundance (preserving)

  • Go ahead and Get the FULL, 10 Steps training when you Share the "Grow Your Own Groceries" Summit, HERE.

  • Enjoy,
  • Justin Rhodes


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