Inspiration Poem Shared by Rosemary Gladstar

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Rosemary Gladstar included this poem in her newsletter. I think she is hoping it will be shared.


  • norabelehcim
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    Quite nice. Thank you for sharing.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    I read this too along with her long email. Beautiful poem & really informative content. I wish I could post the whole thing here, but don't know if that is appropriate to post the rest of her content. It was good.

  • shllnzl
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    @Laurieloveslearning I thought the whole newsletter was worth sharing too, but thought maybe the poem would be enough that people would subscribe to her newsletter.

    I figured if the poet didn't mind being published in the newsletter, she would be okay with me posting here as long as she was given the credit.

    I really like the poem.

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