Change of seasons, begone Summer

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Here in Australia it's autumn. Temps starting to cool, especially at night. The summer vegetables are all but done. So in the last couple of weeks I've pulled out the tomatoes, squash, corn etc. Fortunately the cucumbers Crystal Apple are still producing. Yesterday I topped up the raised beds with compost and spread around a mixture of blood and bone, dolomite and gypsum. Ready to start planting snow peas, sugar snap peas, lettuce. I already started cauliflower and broccoli and planted out a few weeks ago as I feel I'm always a bit late with them, so this year got in early. I've never had a prolific potato crop, so if you have any tips that would be great. What have others been up to in the veggie garden?


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    We are just about at the point of pulling up our tomatoes, have got rid of a couple of plants but the others are still producing. Beans are still going a little, capsicums still ripening. Wishing I had started the broccoli a few weeks ago, as it takes so long, and no way to get any pre-started seedlings at the moment with everything in lockdown. Good on you for starting early!!

    We grew potatoes a couple of years ago, just in the garden - Red Rascals and Agria, both did well. Just kept piling up the soil around them. I don't know any particular tips, but I think just as long as you can get guaranteed disease free tubers you will do ok.

    It was so cold night before last, I started our first fire of the season when I got up in the morning!! Real southerly blast coming through - bye bye summer :(