Best way to preserve apples & onions

I just got a Costco sized bag of apples, and it's just me here so I need to preserve them some way. I love dried apples but don't really want to dry these. I use them mostly for smoothes, and some for cooking. What's the best way to preserve them for using in smoothies? Has anybody ever frozen apples? I could also maybe can some sliced apples for oatmeal & fried apples. Any favorite recipes? Other ideas?

Oh, I also have a 10 lb bag of onions. Preservation ideas welcome for those too!


  • Jens the Beekeeper
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    @figsagee as you will use the apple for smoothies you can freeze them. They will get mushy once thawed but this will be no problem for your intended use.

    You can cook Apple sauce, it freezes well or can be canned

    As for onions you can slice and dice them and freeze in amounts you normally use for cooking.

    Or you can slice them in rings batter them have them fried nearly ready and then freeze and you have homemade onion rings you can finish in the oven.

  • 7207chablis
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    For my onions I keep them in the dark in a kitchen drawer. For the apple I keep them in my garage where it is colder.

  • SherryA
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  • Alison
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    I have apple trees and over time have also taken opportunities to make larger amounts of things I'd normally do with them such as making apple crumble and then just freezing those goods.

    I had so many apricots one year that I simply cut the seeds out and froze them in freezer bags. I have mostly used those in smoothies also. I could let them thaw and cook them but times not permitted.

  • Karin
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    We stew our apples and freeze them in little containers for sauces or dessert. Have never tried with onions tho, as I'm allergic to them :)