April Fools, have some fun

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I got this in my inbox. I usually don't do anything for this day. Some of the suggestions are not exactly advisable to do this year, but maybe there is something that would appeal to someone.

I think I will make some brown"e"s. All the kids like those and we need a pick me up treat anyway.πŸ˜„ I will make two pans. One real (for the convincing smell) and a second one. I will cover both and et them open up the trick one first. Then we can celebrate the fun with real brownies & cream.


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    I always think back to one particular April Fool's day when my sister and I were about 9 and ten years old... We decided to get my dad, who was a fun prankster himself. To get him back for years of tricks, we went all out - taped jelly beans in his shoes, put food coloring in his toothpaste, wrapped ceran wrap around the shower head, and even put a container of bunny poo behind the seat of his car... After the first trick or two he was very wary and caught some of the others in time (especially glad that he found the rock we had put in his pillow! - obviously adult safety concerns had not kicked in yet!!!), but we sure had fun and loved to talk about it for years afterwards! 😁

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    Several years ago I made spaghetti with "meat balls" for dinner on April Fools Day. The meat balls were actually Brussels sprouts covered with ground beef!!! So they were nice size "meat balls" 🀣🀣🀣🀣 It was the best April Fools tick I've ever played on my family! You should have seen the looks on their faces when they realized they were eating Brussels Sprouts!!! Still makes me laugh! For a long time after that if I made meat balls they'd all ask it it was another trick! πŸ˜„

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    And here were my great brownies. The kids were excited to have some and gathered around the covered pan asking questions. Then came the great reveal. It took the young ones a bit longer to catch on for some reason, but enjoyed the E joke. I was just told that they were really looking forward to eating the brownies...