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I received my Equisetum Hyemale Powder today. I have been learning about natural dental care the past couple years. I have three amalgam fillings that I plan to get them removed after the lockdown is over. One of them is pretty big. Should I get a crown? If not, will my teeth heal? Any advice is appreciated.


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    I read a while back that crowns are not a good option. I don't remember why at the moment because I was looking for other information, but thought that it is something you might want to research further for yourself.

    I know that magnesium chloride used topically on the skin will boost your magnesium levels without bad side effects. We used this and my psoriasis disappeared & a few of us had reversed cavities. The one I had was big according to my at the time dentist. The next time that I saw her, none was to be found.

    We used non-chlorinated water (distilled is recommended) saturated with flakes. Rubbed on feet (some other places will itch, but feet won't.) Twenty minutes on the skin, wash off. We did this for 3 months, then you can reduce this to once or twice a week.

    I would recommend the book, "The Magnesium Miracle" if you haven't already read it. This is where I first learned about natural tooth care.

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    I would agree that a crown is not always a good option. I could be wrong but I think they have to do a root canal and grind the tooth to a stump to get the crown on. I had a root canal once, and had a crown put on, but later had to have the whole thing removed because of infection. I was also told that many times, latex is used as a filler for the root canal. Not good for anyone with a latex allergy as it could leach out.

    If there is someone that has differing info please correct me. I am just going on what happened with my tooth.

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    I've just recently had my 3rd crown done. Old tooth ground down and crown placed and glued on. The reason for the crowns, cracks in teeth because I grind or clench my teeth at night! No root canal. Amalgams now all gone. My dental work all done. I now have a mouth guard like object I put in place at bedtime to stop me grinding my teeth. Didn't know I did it. Can't do it when I'm awake!

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    I wonder if the intake of magnesium instead of topical would help me too. I take the easy-to-absorb magnesium daily. If I get the amalgam taken out without new filling, would my tooth get infected? What's the best way to do without getting a crown after the amalgam removal?

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    I have several crowns. I do not have any root canals and I would never never allow any dentist to do a root canal on me. Root canals serve as a vector for infection and that can lead to heart attacks. No thank you.

    For my crowns, my existing tooth was ground to a stump - very scary!!! and then the crown was glued into place.

    All my crowns are gold crowns. I highly recommend gold crowns. I have gold-looking crowns in the back, and gold crowns with porcelain outsides in the front. Gold is about the safest thing you can put in your mouth. That doesn't mean it isn't toxic. But it is way better than amalgam, which contains Mercury.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning thank you for the information on Magnesium Chloride and the Book on Magnesium Miracle. I had two cavities filled this summer and I have a root canal going bad and I do not want to replace it at all.

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    @chuen00 It depends if you can absorb the magnesium. I can't very well, so I need epsom salts baths or footbaths and Mg spray regularly.

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    So, would Epsom salts do as well, or is it specifically magnesium chloride that works best?

    Thanks for the book recommendation.

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    I had two crowns and a bridge put in last summer, I have had nothing but trouble and I fear I will eventually have to have the whole mess removed. Reason for the work was vertical cracks in my teeth on each side of an extraction done years ago to avoid a root canal. I really don't know what I will do if I do have it all removed. The teeth have been ground down so it will either be new crowns or implants, what a mess.

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    I had my first crown done in 2002. The dentist did root canals on all three branches of the root then inserted a clove impregnated toothpick-like stake in each branch of the root. He said that would keep it from becoming infected. I didn't have a bit of trouble with it until in 2017 when I had a root canal and crown on the tooth just in front of it. I had an infection and that dentist told me it was because my older crown was loose. He said the roots had broken down over time allowing the crown to be loose letting the pathogen in that created the infection, a crown will only last about 12 years on average. I called BS on him in the office, I knew there was no wiggle in the older crown. I did take a round of antibiotics and it cleared up. He wanted to pull the crown and do an implant but I said no.

    In February of this year I had the wisdom tooth pulled that was right behind the oldest crown. In doing so, this new to me dentist cracked the inside of my jaw bone allowing it to start slivering off. I had a devil of a time with oral pain and did go back for him to remove one sliver that just wouldn't come on out. This sliver was actually the side of the tooth hole for the oldest crown.

    About three weeks ago the oldest crown wasn't matching up right with the tooth above and it did have a bit of a wiggle. I had been in just 3 weeks before that for a cleaning but I went back. The x-ray showed a small pocket of infection at the tip of the root and the again, new to me dentist, said it showed the root had dissolved, probably because of the infection. She could redo the crown for $900 but didn't think it would last more than a year, two at the most. Or she could pull it. I opted for it to be pulled. Son of a gun if the roots weren't perfect! I'm guessing the lack of jawbone around the tooth hole, from the slivers, created the optical illusion that the roots were trashed.

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    @Annie Kate You are welcome.

    I read that epsom salts is a different type of magnesium chloride. As much as epsom salts are still a good source of magnesium, magnesium chloride is the most easily absorbable & usable by the body, and with the least side effects since it bypasses the digestive system.

    The book is backed by solid research & observation. It will explain all of this far better than I can by someone who studied magnesium's effects on the body specifically.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning The book arrived a few days ago, and I've already bought some magnesium chloride. Hopefully it will help with my chronic fatigue and achiness as well as brain fog. Just the possibility is exhilarating! Thank you for the recommendation!

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    Your teeth cannot grow back and not having a crown may mess up your bite and cause other problems. Find the best dentist you can and get a second opinion if you need to, but find someone to trust and take their advice.

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    @chuen00 I have past issues with dentists and have hopped around to so many different ones.. I went to one recommended by a close friend and he was their family dentist so I figured it would be okay. Well he did a crown on me and told me someday maybe the others tooth may need one... the very next visit he was all geared up to do another crown... I became suspicious... I went to 2 other dentists after that none of them mentioned that tooth but I did not like any of them. I finally broke down and found a holistic biological dentist and will never go to another mainstream dentists again. She will not do a root canal at all and tries very hard to save teeth, educates you on natural ways to save and protect your teeth. She send me this book .. it’s long but has a lot of info in it. Maybe it can help!

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    Personally after reading how the rods used in root canal and crown produce can cause cancer, I chose to have the tooth pulled.