Rabbits won't mate

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I finally got 3 of my American Chinchilla rabbits to look the way I would like - I tan their skins - and they won' mate. They are also great a great meat breed. I had to wait a while because of the winter, and now two are one year old, one is their mother. My other rabbits are OK but these three are giving Papa a very hard time.

I've inspected their vents (seem rosy enough and wet), given them apple cider vinegar, my buck is quite assertive. But no go. they seemed to have closed up shop!! Someone suggested waiting until a year old is tricky, so......

Any suggestions? I've heard about taking them for a ride in the car. moon time. what else has worked for you?


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    @solarnoon.aspen I've never had rabbits so take this with many grains of salt. I was curious about this from a homeopathic perspective, cause it might be more of a mental issue with your bunnies. I found a page from the British Homeopathic Association on rabbits.


    It suggests Sepia for reproductive issues. When I went to my repertory to check it out, there is a rubric that says "Indifference, apathy, with sexual desire diminished". Only 6 remedies listed with sepia being one of the most prominent. From my own knowledge of sepia it might be something to consider.

    Hopefully, you will get input from actual rabbit breeders that can offer more solutions than this.

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    Thank you for the link to the article. It is a fresh point of view that I haven't considered before. I guess I've been lucky so far that I haven't had health problems (touch wood!).

    Thanks for this.

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    OK I was going to joke about candlelight and wine but I won't. We had a similar problem with rabbits, drove me crazy. We waited it out and eventually they did start mating but I really did wonder about how to romance a rabbit.

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    I’ve raised thousands of rabbits over the years. Never once had a problem with getting them to mate. It’s just toss a male in with a female and take him back out after he pops 3 or 4 times (5 to 10 minutes depending on the bucks “pass out” rest periods). Have you tried music? Al Green, Barry White, Donna Summer? Perhaps you have a gay buck, see if he tries to dance and sing along to Oklahoma or Streisand or The Village People.

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