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Sure when I heard we were going to be off mandatory ( a non-essential is me) for two weeks I was kind of bummed out. After all, I like going to my daily job even if I am retired.

But now that 3 weeks has gone by and three more weeks is coming (until the end of April) I am feeling so terribly happy about this enforced vacation.

After all, all of my Spring set-up for my garden is done. All my Spring crops are in and actually growing ( it's still pretty cold here every night so yes, they always need frost protection.)

Then I've actually built two new raised beds, filled them and am waiting for it to turn a little warmer so my strawberries can go in. That alone is a great reason to be thankful since I've never had the time before.

I bought a new greenhouse and set it up outside just so I could see if I could raise my own seedlings since I always have to drive about three hours to get good organic seedlings. Well, no driving this year since they aren't open anyway. And I'm happy to say my new plants are actually doing very well in my greenhouse.

And since I got all that plus the hundreds of other small jobs done or caught up that are always waiting for me around the house and yard, I started this morning building an addition onto my garage so I can get that huge lawn tractor out of the garage, thus out of the way all the time.

And I just happened to think last night, next this will be a great time to get three of the rooms painted in the house.

All in all, this enforced vacation has been a lifesaver for me!

So yes, this virus has its downside, but it also has its silver-lining as well.

So today, the #1 item on my gratitude list is just the simple thought that I have been given the opportunity to get so many things either crossed off or added to and also cross those off my "to-do" list.


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    We are thankful here too. I still have a job, though much reduced hours. Many here have no work and things don't look good for that through the summer since we are a tourist town.

    The extra time off will let me get several projects going or done that I have not had time for. And when our snow finally melts, if I'm still off i can finally get my garden started. Been hoping to get that going since we moved here.

    We are both relatively healthy, happy and very blessed.

  • greyfurball
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    @vickeym since you mention you still have snow on the ground do you by any chance like to grow snow peas in your garden each Spring?

    If so, go out and dig a small trench, place your pea seeds in it, cover them with snow and as the snow melts down the peas will sink down into your soil line and sprout with the aid of the snow to keep them moist and also insulated from the cold.

    I tried this last year when we did have some measurable snow, (this year was a hopeless case since we never even had one good storm- first time in 40+ years I've lived in this state and no snow). So if your fingers are itching to go gardening, you don't need soil. All you need is snow.

  • SuperC
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    im grateful that you’ve shared your delights with us here. I cleaned out the shed full of motorcycles for a friend so we could move in the snowblowers. :) Activity is good and keeps us moving

  • Karin
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    Thankfully we have had good weather, so able to get in the garden and repot a few plants that need it after summer growth!

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    I'm thankful that I don't live in an apartment. I sympathize with those who must venture through possibly contaminated hallways to go out for essential items. Also, some airflow is shared in those buildings. This situation is much tougher for those people.

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    greyfurball I have tried winter sowing, but only in plastic jugs. Will have to see what it will take to get up the hill to where my garden is. Need my fencing to plant the peas on. We love snow peas, and grow them every year we have a garden. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to see if I can get these going.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    I am very very grateful that I still have work - and all of the Grow Network team is busy too. We are about to launch the 5th annjual Home Grown Food Summit - and we've got a fantastic lineup this year. So stoked! Tons of work behind the scenes though and all of us happy to have work.

    I think it's quite awesome how almost all of humaity si on this spring cleaning binge... The Earth herself must be relieved wth so little pollution.