Did I accidentally ferment carrots?

Hi all! Okay, I was just surprised by something, and I’d love your help figuring this out. About a week and a half ago (maybe two), I cut up a whole bunch of carrots for snacking. There were a lot, so we ate a bunch over several days and I put the rest in a half gallon jar filled full with carrot sticks and almost full with water. I put a metal canning lid on the jar, then stuck it in the fridge. I was hoping this would keep the carrots crisp. Well, today, I pulled the jar out to grab a few carrot sticks, and when I opened the lid, the water started to fizz. I examined the jar contents through the glass, and I don’t see any mold or anything. The smell is just sweet and very carroty. Did I create some sort of ferment here? How do I tell if these are safe to eat? (I don’t want to do much experimenting right now as this would not be the best time to end up in the hospital!)

Anyone have experience with something like this?

Thanks so much!


  • Jens the Beekeeper
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    @Merin Porter I would say you started fermented carrots the same way like sauerkraut. Normally you added a 2% brine to the carrots but can go without.

    As long as it is not mouldy or smells bad it should be safe to eat. Trust your senses if it smells good and does not taste wired or off when you try a small piece I would say it is good to eat.

  • blevinandwomba
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    Ok, so my guess would be that you indeed made a ferment, but since there was no salt and carrots are a sugar source, it is most likely an alcoholic rather than a lacto-ferment. I'd probably compost it myself, but it is probably safe to eat.

  • greyfurball
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    There is always the possibility too whatever you had in that jar before left some salt residue over and it has blended with your carrots.

    I agree if they smell OK (like a ferment), taste a small sample and go ahead and eat it. Fermented carrots are actually very good.

  • Merin Porter
    Merin Porter Posts: 1,026 admin

    Thanks, everyone! I ate some and survived! :D

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