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Best heat mat for seed starting? — The Grow Network Community
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Best heat mat for seed starting?

Merin PorterMerin Porter Editorial DirectorSouthwest Colorado (Zone 6a)Posts: 741 admin
edited November 2020 in Tools, Hardware, & Machines

I tried starting seeds without the best success last year, and want to give it a go again this year with the addition of a heat mat for seed starting. (We are in Colorado, so it’s still pretty chilly here.)

Wondering what brands you all have had success with and would recommend. And, should I get one with a thermostat? Would so appreciate your insights and tips!

Thank you so much!


  • soeasytocraftsoeasytocraft Alberta, CanadaPosts: 187 ✭✭✭

    I have found the mats make a big difference for seeds that need warmer soil to germinate. If package doesn't say I research on line. I was fortunate to get a couple at garage sales for little money. They don't have a a thermostat and work just fine. Once seeds are germinated I take the mats away.

    The names on my mats are Planters Pride and Growers Delight. I've never noticed the brand before. lol

    Here in zone 3 the seeds have to be started inside the house but I only use heat mats for seeds of certain plants.

  • SuperCSuperC Cook at Wahlburgers The Frozen Tundra in the Northern MidwestPosts: 359 ✭✭✭

    I live in zone 4 and like soeasytocraft said, “Seeds have to be started inside the house.” Otherwise, seeds take such a long time directly planted outdoors as you may already know. I had gone to a local lumberyard and bought three heat mats (without thermostat). Also, we placed a small heater near them since the kitchen is a mere 68 degrees F in the mornings. And plants, seeds like 72F. Not certain of the mat name. Or, try an indoor greenhouse with mats on the racks.

  • Merin PorterMerin Porter Editorial Director Southwest Colorado (Zone 6a)Posts: 741 admin

    Okay, so here's what we've decided to try: since I don't have any seed warming mats laying around, and since there's a bit of a lag in delivery times for these items right now, we are going to get some seeds planted in our egg incubator. I'm excited to see how/whether it works. Seems like it ticks the boxes for humidity and heat, and it has settings that allow me to control both. Plus, we are not at a point in our chicken-keeping where I have any interest in hatching my own eggs, so the incubator is pretty much just sitting there doing nothing useful.

    We'll see how it goes! I'll try to remember to update you with the results.... (And if I don't remember, feel free to tag/nag me. :D )

  • Merin PorterMerin Porter Editorial Director Southwest Colorado (Zone 6a)Posts: 741 admin

    Okay, I decided to just start tomatoes in it for right now, and my seeds started sprouting within four days, which is faster than the 7-10 day germination timeline mentioned on the packages. I set the incubator at 77 degrees F and kept the humidity up there, around 95%. So I would call this method a success! :)

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