What a find


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    That's pretty cool! I bet they'll grow. I saw an article probably a couple years ago about an archaeological dig in Israel where they found seeds in a jar from a couple thousand years ago. The seeds grew and produced gourds I think. I just tried to google it to find the article and found many articles about ancient seeds found at those site.

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    It would be great if she thought of donating some to a specialist Heirloom garden/ society, where they could try and grow them. No doubt they'd have the most chance of success considering they'd likely had old seeds come in at times.

    It certainly is a magnificent find, as well as a great story about being able to track down the original owner and find out some history.

    Just goes to show how our gardening endeavours can colour and change the future.

    Lets hope lost varieties are once again established from some of those seeds.

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    @dottile46 Wow ! that is really amazing! Finding any kinds of seeds is amazing. Two years ago I used paper toweling, toothpicks to put the dot of glue down and seeds. These are all marked on each sheet. Thank goodness I marked them. I just found them in the trunk of my car and they are ready to plant. I need soil and some weeding and I can plant seeds. I am totally excited. I have planted old seeds before and they germinated. I was very surprised.

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    That’s amazing, I hope she does well growing out those seeds and that at least some of them wind up with a local seed bank or university.

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    I would love to find something like that!

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    And I would like to grow some of those! 😊 Wonderful find.