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Developing "naturalized" areas for wildlife — The Grow Network Community
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Developing "naturalized" areas for wildlife

DesireeDesiree Posts: 206 ✭✭✭
edited November 2020 in Garden Design

Twenty years ago, when I first bought my "little acre" in Ohio, I started to utilize native plants and trees. My property is former agriculture land so it was heavily depleted clay soil. There were about three/four trees planted and only one lonely pine of that time survived. However, of all the plants and trees I have planted, (I have created my mini-swamp forest refuge) I have only lost two cottonwoods to disease. I have tried to create areas or zones for wildlife and people life (sometimes they crossover).

Does anyone else do this?


  • shllnzlshllnzl Southwestern UtahPosts: 1,418 ✭✭✭✭

    The property we bought is mostly undeveloped desert and I intend to keep it that way even if it means I'll never be able to do large scale gardening.

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texasseeker.nancy - Central Texas Posts: 765 ✭✭✭✭

    I'm doing that with the back part of my acre (not sure the neighbors are thrilled, lol.) I do need to mow some additional area by the septic discharge (it's an aeration system, water is supposed to be clean when it comes out, but not gardening there lol!). The back area holds water after rains very well and I love hearing the frogs but then it usually gets super dry over the summer and fall. I want to put in some trees, there are none. I also have volunteer pecans I can transplant and I'm going to try sprouting some peach and plum seeds. These are for my food forest, not the wild area lol. There are already some lovely native clumping grasses and I'm not sure what else. I need to walk it once it's dry enough again. I also want to scatter wildflower seeds and such for the mini habitat. Some people see it as an eyesore, I see it as a whole universe to discover!

  • DesireeDesiree Posts: 206 ✭✭✭

    I am finally in a "dry" moment and plan a walk-about to see what has come up. I know I spotted some cleavers and violets starting so I want to see their progress. I love spring!!!!

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