Chuckle Of The Day For Everyone (whether you raise livestock or not)

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Decades ago when I was in the US military I happened to get stationed down in the flatlands of Texas, cattle country.

At the same time, my husband was sent to the same base a few weeks later so we actually for a few months we got to live with each other at the same time. For married couples in the military, that in itself is often a luxury.

While there, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came over to visit (from Florida) with a guest, a fresh air child from New York City.

For this 9 year old boy, the first time out of the big city, the open air and big spaces with absolutely nothing in sight was a totally unusual sight. As we drove from the airport to our "home", all of a sudden this child "kind of screamed" and then said "so that's how they do it!"

When asked what he was talking about he just said, pointing "look...look out there." All the rest of us are looking and looking and all we saw were a few heads of cattle in the field.

All of us pretty much looked at him and asked what was he talking about. His answer, see those kind are chocolate milk, the while ones with black spots must be the white milk but I don't ever remember seeing any pink cows in my book at home!

We were nice explaining to him that's not quite the way it works when he goes to the grocery store and gets milk to take home.