Off-topic: a small investment worth considering in these crazy times

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Hi Everyone,

You may not have known, but I used to be a professional investor.

Years ago, I decided to no longer use my life energy to have money make money.

That "life pivot" was the inception of The Grow Network.

I discovered that real wealth is not so much about money, but is based in health, family, community, meaningful work, and living a life of purpose.

I find that stopping the destruction of the Earth via homegrown food is way more fulfilling than doing high dollar deals.

But I haven't completely lost interest in financial markets.

There is one trade in particular that I have been watching for almost two decades. The time for that investment to ripen is very near.

I thought I would share it with you.

I do have to let you know that this is not investment advice, I am not an advisor, broker, or dealer. You need to decide for yourself if this makes sense for you.

For our International members, please pardon my American references. The inforamtion is still very applicable to you.

Here is the short version of the current situation and why we are on the precipice of a major change in the silver market.  


There are approximately 6 billion ounces of gold that have been mined since the dawn of history; most of that is still above ground and available as bullion, coins, jewelry, etc.

And although it is estimated that there was close to 50 billion ounces of silver mined over the smae period. currently there are only about 2 to 5 billion ounces of silver in above ground inventory.

Why is there so little silver available?

Both gold and silver have historically been used primarily as a store of value.  And all of the gold and silver ever mines was available as coins, bullion, jewelry, or other items. Both were precious and carefully tended by whomever owned it. But somewhere in the 1950’s or so silver started being used in many industrial and technological applications. Photography up until recently used a lot of silver.  Ad silver has a lot of other desirable propoerties: is it highly conductive, reflective, extremely malliable, and anti-microbial. It has many applications in high tech and medical devices.

So over the decades, tiny bits of silver have been used up and essentailly distributed into landfills everywhere. 

Here is an excellent article on the quantity of silver and gold

How could silver be so cheap if it's so rare, and why is now the time for it to increase? 

The silver market has been manipulated for decades by a group of large banks and insurance companies led by JP Morgan. They did it by using naked shorts to keep the price low.  Essentially they rode the price up, sold, shorted it to lower the price down, then bought again. Over and over.

No, the SEC has done nothing in spite of the numerous complaints and petetions filed by citizens over the years (including me).

Surprise, surprise, the SEC is just as corrupt as almost every other department of the US Gov’t.

Have you ever heard of a commodity that stays at a low price for decades in spite of decreasing supplies and increasing demand?

Theodore Butler has led the charge fighting against the manipulation and here is his website

For the first time in decades JP Morgan, the biggest manipulator, has reversed it’s short position and is now the biggest long in silver. In addition JP Morgan has amassed the world’s largest holding in physical silver. Which means they are set to gain massively with a price increase. 

Here is a reference to the JP Morgan new position in silver.

What price could siver go up to?

The current ratio of the price of gold to silver is approximately 100 to 1 (spot price of gold is $1600 and the spot price of silver is $16), but clearly silver is just as rare and more valuable. So silver should be priced at least as high as gold - currently around $1600 per ounce. 

There are many reasons why gold (and silver) is likely to go much higher.

There is a very high probability of inflation and hyper-inflation just around the corner.

Yikes! we just created and blew $2 trillion dollars in a month!  And there are more stimulus packages in the works.  

Precious metals are a strong store of value in uncertain times. in 1923 the people in Weimer Germany who had gold or silver were very grateful.

Even with gold going up, the price of silver will likely go much higher than gold. Markets don’t respond rationally. When silver makes a huge jump, it will be such a surprise, and traders are likely to push it way beyond a rational price. 

So I am guestimating silver being at a minimum of $1600 per ounce, or way, way,way more.

How soon could this happen?

I'm not sure.

With the COVID 19 experience, everything in our world is changing.

Almost any scenario is on the table

My best guess? It could be within weeks or it could be within a year.

Timing anything like this is tough.

I bet some insiders at JP Morgan know...

But holding what has been valued as money for more than 5,000 years of human history in a time like this is a wise positon regardless.

What is the best way to buy silver?

I highly recommend holding physical silver and keeping it in a nearby, safe location.  Not necessairly in your home unless you have a strong vault.

“Junk silver” is the most practical and accessable form of physical silver for smaller investors.

Junk silver are dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars minted by the US Govt prior to 1964. These coins are 90% silver. 

Dimes are especially good as they are smaller and more easily tradable. 

Junk silver coins are clearly recognizable by every American. 

And because they’ve been so cheap they have not been worth counterfeiting. 

You can pick up coins at pawn shops, guns shops, gun shows, and coin dealers. You can also buy online at eBay. There are a bevy of online dealers. I’ve used JM Bullion and they still have inventory as I write this. They delivered to me as promised. 

EFT’s and shares in silver mines could be a good play if you are stuck in some 401k situation. Personally I avoid the stock market. But if that is your game, go for it.

There are some silver backed crypto currencies such as the digital Liberty Dollar.  I don’t hold any Libery Dollar crypto, but I’ve followed those guys for years and I do trust them. I used to buy Libery Dollars back when they were physical coins. 

Also UpHold (a digital currency exchange) has a digital ‘card’ that is backed by silver. 

The main problem with all these are you really can’t be sure if they have the actual silver. And what will happen when the price skyrockets? 

You can also buy futures contracts or options on futures contracts. These are fairly sophiscated trades and come with time limits. 

There is also a risk that the COMEX will suspend trading in the precious metals markets if the prices get out of control. There are only a few large traders that are the counter party to most of those contracts and many will likely fail under the pressure of increasing prices.  I don’t know what the procedure is when a large counter party to your contract goes bankrupt, but I’m guessing you won’t get your funds. 

Way out of the money options on futures are fairly cheap and might be worth the speculation if you know how to do those kinds of trades and can afford to take the potential loss.  The leverage makes it very appealing.

That's the opportunity as I see it.

I feel somewhat torn writing this as when the prices do go up, the pressure on mining will increase and that is a very destructive force on our planet.

My hope that these resources in the hands of this community can do some good.

I know you have a big heart. And you woud use these funds in a good way.

Again, I'm not an investment advior or any sort of licensed professional. I have no affiliations with any of the links mentioned here. Do your own homework.

This is just what I see as a high probability event and I am offering it to the TGN community.



  • Tammy
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    Thank you for your thoughts on this. We have also been speculating on silver. We just got into gold panning and rockhounding this past late summer and am hoping to do some traveling to do some this spring/summer when things get back to normal.

  • Debora Salmon
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    We bought silver (uncirculated coins) back some 10 years ago. It was what we could afford at the time and so got $$$$ they are in containers, never opened. Thought a couple of times about cashing them in. Glad now we didn’t. Thank you Marjory for this info. Makes me feel better about our outcome should things crash.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hi @totallytammy1 Things will get normal after a while, but they will never go back to what it was. The changes wrought from this virus are deeply structural. It will take months and years for us even to understand the ramifications.

  • An
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    "It will take months and years for us even to understand the ramifications." I agree, when a government at any level takes a power to themselves, they don't give it up easily. We can see throughout history this is true. And the various levels of government are taking unto themselves in an unprecedented fashion by the week.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hi @An it's been astonishing to me to see just how quickly all of our civil liberties disappeared. It just happened so quickly and so easily....

  • shllnzl
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    edited April 2020

    We will have to insist on getting those liberties back! I am hoping voters are keeping track of the offenders so we can remove them from office.

  • An
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    If we have any hope in the vote, we must not allow mail in ballots. Check out blackbox and a lady by the name of Bev Harris.

  • shllnzl
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    Some states only allow mail-in ballots.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hi @An OMG, Bev Harris and my firend Vicki Karp wrote a book on the black box voting problems... It was such a wake up call for me. Although Vicki told me that ,really voting fruad goes way on back into forever...

  • Jannajo
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    It seems it might be worse than is written here-the Bible says'money will be thrown in the streets' is just too close (In 2 US laws in Congress) for comfort, also a vaccination hyped super-much, talk of not travelling (or even entering the-new- economy) if u do not have it..(voting does not help, the ones behind all of this, all of everything across the world, actually..choose the person abt twenty years before we hear of it)....5G is military weapon, like almost everything we have around us, the cells, gps, so much else, r military weapons...they run a lot today, the military, the seal is missing on President podium, he has fewer powers, cannot make war etc-a coup has taken place ! Emergency war measures act in force since 1933, all courts military, "none dare say their name above a whisper" Hoover -entirely under them -mentioned, died shortly after that! I can say their name, Lincoln did, JFK-"secret societies, secret oaths (we do not accept),", but Reagan submitted fully, called in the vatican; look, I'm in Canada, vatican runs so much, each one they run has a different personality, or else there wld be no difference for us, we need variety it seems. It is somewhat different from other times, I would say, silver and gold may well be outlawed-after all, it was taken away in the US, they just absconded with our precious metals, period....without a whimper...what is that quote?: 'This the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper', TSEliot. Trump family highly invested in hypoxy chloroquine manufacturing . It requires radiation also, that is all so fine I suppose? That Bible sure looks good to me these days, I highly recommend it -only KJV because of corrupt manuscripts used elsewhere. ....gardening is just the thing needed, just simply wonderful to touch that earth...when Fauci (jesuit-trained as almost anyone else in spotlight) says: 'We will never shake hands again, never again.' Trump also mentioned this.....

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hi @Hojannajo I hear you!

    I have many mixed emotions about what is going on. For the Earth to heal this is awesome, the economic damage is going to be what it is, but the biggest threat is the further consolidation of power into the hands of a few.

    Did you ever see my interview with Dr. Kai Fu Lee? Dr. Lee is the "Bill Gates" of China (seriously) and through a very lucky series of events, I got to interview him and he had several key warnings for our community.

    Hmmm, let me get that interview up for you to watch... @Linzi can you post the link for the free showing of the Dr. Kai Fu Lee interv iew for the community? Dang, I've forgotten where we put it! LOL

  • Melissa Swartz
    Melissa Swartz Posts: 270 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the post, @Marjory Wildcraft. Very interesting info for sure! I had been wondering why the price of silver continues to stay low, so thanks for the insight.

  • hmsadmin
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    @Hojannajo & @Marjory Wildcraft Here's the link to your interview with Dr. Lee -

    I'm going to rewatch it myself again! It was such an impactful talk then, and even more so now.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    thanks @Linzi

  • SuperC
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    Thank you for writing in detail this info. Thanks

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    you are welcome @teachercaryn - LOL, I ended up staying up way to late one night doing it... Sigh, and I still see errors.

    Oh well.

  • Jannajo
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    I did buy a little gold abt 10 yrs ago, then I turned to silver, hope to do more soon...Bible says: money gets eaten up, or rises like smoke going up from a, looking for a bargain, as usual.

  • Voodoo Flóra
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    @Marjorie Wildcraft I would love to know what you think of cryptocurrencies as an investment? Thank you for your post. Very cool knowing more about your background!

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    hi @aprilbbrinkman sorry I've taken so long to respond.

    The really good news is I'm in discussion with 18 different publishers over my book! They are 'suddenly' very excited.

    I am nervous about cryptos. They are so volitle. I have a very small amount mostly just to hedge a bit. I haven't spent a ton of time researching all the coins, etc. I stick pretty much to Etherium. My understanding is that a lot of the crypto is controlled by a fairly small group (especially Bitcoin) and I doubt they involved with whomever is orchestrating this event we are involved with.

    Let me be clear again, this "pandemic" has very little to do with a virus. It is an orchestrated event to set us up for whatever else is coming.

    With almost all the governments on Earth basically in a race to print more and more money we are clearly in an end game for the global economy as we know it. And the end of US dollar supremacy.

    I've been searching for a viable alternative to the US dollar so that the little resources grow network has will survive through this. We just don't know what is going to happen, I think cryptos could be big winners once the world starts to flee from the US dollar. But they are so volitile and uncertain I think they are way more risky than simple gold or silver.

    I have opened crypto accounts for the grow network inc. (the company), my personal, and I've instructed my team to all open personal crypto accounts. We are using Coinbase as the team are Americans, and I understand Coinmama is great for other nationalities. As the US dollar - and pretty much every other currency on the planet fails, we are going to need some way to transfer value. How am I going to pay my team? LOL

    Here is my guess (and really, this is just me making an educated guess): I think what is coming is a new global government and along with that will be a new currency. My guess is the new currency will be digital and having a crypto account open now will make that transition easier. I'm not sure if the banking system will be salvageable to be of use. I'm very curious to see how this new currency gets 'out there'. I saw a headline a while ago that the US Post Office will need to close soon, and was it Warren Buffet? was suggesting all those post office locations could become banks. I thought that was very odd.... like do we really need more bank locations beyond what we have?

    I've heard rumors, which sound plausable to me, that the new currency will have some backing in precious metals. That would cause gold to 10X or more overnight. And of course, that will drive silver way, way, way beyond my earlier estimates.

    Here is another guess I have on timing. And bear in mind that timing is soooo tricky! But when the IRS said you can delay filing taxes until July, and the PPP (paycheck protection program) is good for 2 1/2 months (what an odd timeframe, isn't it?) my guess is we are looking at the next major act in this drama to unfold within the next two to three months.

    That timing also correlates to some rumblings I've heard about the derivitives market about to explode within that time frame. The derivitives market coming undone is like a nuclear explosion to the financial markets. It is so highly leveraged, it makes sense it would be coming undone now.

    This transition is going to be amazing to live through and probably tricky to navigate. So having as many options setup in advance may make it easier as things unfold. I think cryptos are a good bet, but I am not risking the farm. :)

    PS: I think now know why I have an editor! LOL

  • shllnzl
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    Not related to investments but following part of the thread. I wonder if our government didn't/does worry about an escaped bioweapon in the coronavirus. A bioweapon would justify locking the entire world down.

  • Voodoo Flóra
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    @Marjory Wildcraft thank you! And congratulations on your book. I admire you and your knowledge greatly appreciate your time in responding to my question need to digest this what a time to be living.

  • sarah121
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    Super interesting topic. I've never really concerned myself with investments, but my father is a very savvy man when it comes to money and he has always followed the market closely. (I'm sure this is why I rebelled and became an herbalist and not a doctor!) I will pass this information on, and in the meantime, have a rummage through my jewelry drawer and see what I have in my home. Thanks for your kind generosity in sharing this advice.

  • Vicky M.
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    Hi hmsa,

    Was trying to view Marjory's interview with Dr. Lee - but the link is not taking me there. Is it my pc?

    Thank you,


  • StacyLou
    StacyLou Posts: 89 ✭✭

    Thanks Marjory! This is a lot of great information. I didn't get a chance to read/watch everything, so I'll have to come back and read it when I have some more time tonight or tomorrow.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    You are welcome Vicky, do good with it.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    thanks @jodienancarrow it is just getting started... and silver is incredibly volitle. Not to mention that JP will create severe fluctations to wipe out speculators who buy on margin. It will be a roller coaster for sure.

  • rayerodgers
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    As someone who knows very little about investing, thank you for the information. My family is trying to become more self sufficient, as we face an uncertain future..I feel like I have so much to learn in such a short time frame..