Small and Medium Greenhouse Production

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I'm new to greenhouse production. I have a small four shelf standing unit and a medium size 8 shelf walk-in unit.

Since I am new to it I am trying very hard not to have preconceived expectations what I should/should not see happening. I also have the (some might say) disadvantage I live in a 4 seasons climate so my days can be around 40-60 this time of year but nights can still be in the 20's.

So can anyone else tell me #1 when it does get very low at nights (teens to 20's) do you wrap your greenhouse with an extra layer of protection by using plastic or big sheets of bubble wrap? #2 I have noticed the seeds are germinating well but then it seems they just sit there and can't seem to start growing. Is this normal for you also? I do keep the tops of the trays covered with plastic wrap or some trays have their own built on poly clear covers.

It's hard to know if I should be giving them something else when I don't know what to expect, what's going right or what's going wrong?


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    Bumping up in Hope's of answers for next spring. ;)

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    As far as I recall, you may also want to do something with light. A lot of plants don't thrive when there is decreasing light (forget the technical term for that), and all plants thrive when there is a lot of light. Perhaps adding growlights would make a difference? My relatives have enormous greenhouses and they always have huge lights on to extend the days.